Actor Yuji Mitsuya diagnosed with prostate cancer – News

mitsuya - Actor Yuji Mitsuya diagnosed with prostate cancer - NewsActor and Doubler Yuji mitsuya reported during his appearance early Wednesday morning on Asahi Television‘s Onégai! Ranking program that she was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

He casually made the announcement during a segment of the show where he and other voice actors discussed their personal big news from 2021. He explained that he was diagnosed in January 2021 and that he was planning to have the operation. He clarified that he was not trying to keep it a secret and that he has already shared the news with a number of people. He concluded that he is very optimistic, and “does not intend to ruminate on this”.

He made his acting debut as the character of Hyouma Aoi in the Fighter V mecha anime in 1976. He has since voiced in such anime as Space Battleship Yamato 2 – The Comet Empire (Hyota Arakome), God mars (Margin), Glass without Kamen (Yuu Sakurakouji), To touch (Tatsuya Uesugi), Soreike! Anpanman (Hamburger Kid, Katsudonman), Precure smile! (Joker), Ranma ½ (Dr Tofu), and Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods (Kibito Kaiōshin). He also worked as a dubbing director and sound director.

The 7th edition Seiyū Prizes awarded him the Kei tomiyama Price in 2013.

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