Arknights: Prelude to Dawn TV anime reveals first cast and staff, visual E! News UK

The live broadcast of the second anniversary of the The Knights smartphone game on Sunday revealed an actor, two staff and the visual for the upcoming game The Knights: Prelude to the Dawn television cartoons.

arknights - Arknights: Prelude to Dawn TV anime reveals first cast and staff, visual E! News UK

Takashi Matsuyama will play the character Ace in the anime. The character is not expressed in the game.

ace - Arknights: Prelude to Dawn TV anime reveals first cast and staff, visual E! News UK

Yuki watanabe run the anime at Yostar Pictures, with Masataka nishikawa as assistant director. Both have already worked on the smartphone game “Light of the sacred knight“animated short for the first anniversary, and Watanabe has worked on many of the game’s animated promotional video shorts.

Yostar Pictures described the anime as a “season one” when it was announced in October 2021.

Chinese developers Studio Montagne and Hypergryph released the game in China in May 2019, then Yostar launched the game worldwide in January 2020. The game has already inspired animated videos on the net since 2019 and a nine-minute animated film “Light of the sacred knight“runs in December 2021 to mark the game’s first anniversary.

The game takes place in a fantasy world called Terra with modern sci-fi motifs. Terra is plagued by rare but devastating disasters that force most people to live in nomadic towns. Disasters also bring up the rare mineral Originium, which produces great energy and is therefore a valuable resource, but which also consumes everything around it as it grows, and those who are exposed to it in such a way. prolonged easily develop a debilitating disease known as Oripathia. The story centers on the lives of individuals infected with Oripathy. A traveling medical company known as the Island of Rhodes offers a helping hand and a place of belonging to the often avoided infected, but it has often had to carry out ad hoc paramilitary actions against the Réunion Movement, a terrorist organization which carries out violent actions aimed at governments which oppress the infected.

Yostar founded the Yostar Pictures animation studio in 2020. Yostar CEO Hengda Lee is the representative director of Yostar Pictures. Arch, a Tokyo-based company that helped produce the Promare animated film, participated in the creation of the studio and manages the studio.

Source: The Knights 2nd anniversary direct (2:58:19 in stream), The Knights: Prelude to the Dawn website

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