Cinedigm to acquire AsianCrush, owner of the digital media rights to RetroCrush – News

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Cinedigm announced Thursday that it has reached an agreement to acquire Digital Media Rights (DMR), the group’s parent company RetroCrush, AsianCrush, and Midnight pulp streaming services. With the addition of DMR chains following the acquisition, Cinedigm will have 15 wholly owned streaming services.

DMR has the following ten channels: AsianCrush, Midnight pulp, RetroCrush, Movie theater, Cocoro, KMTV, C-Crush, Cinehouse Romance, K-Crush and QTTV.

Cinedigm aims to increase its anime and Asian drama and film content through DMR’s streaming services. Cinedigm also plans to further expand DMR’s ad network with its own ad sales infrastructure. Through its Matchpoint platform, Cinedigm hopes to reduce DMR’s operating costs and strengthen its revenue growth. The company also plans to migrate the entire DMR content library to the Matchpoint platform. Cinedigm plans to leverage DMR’s social media division to increase engagement of its streaming channels with the goal of establishing a new source of ad revenue.

RetroCrush is a free, advertising-supported video-on-demand service available in the United States and Canada. The service offers applications on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple tv, and smart TVs, in addition to being available on browsers. The service was launched in March 2020. A free ad-supported television (FAST) version of RetroCrush launched via the STIRR streaming service in July 2020.

Dig, art, Internet memes and more. ”The service plans to include a library of content that“ hasn’t had proper streaming versions outside of Japan. ” RetroCrushstreaming partners include Discotek Media, TMS, NHK, Pierrot Workshop, AMG, Happinet and Straight stuf among others.

Cinedigm announced in February 2019 that it had completed the acquisition of the video streaming service spectator and its subsidiary spectator Anime. spectator was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2007.

Cinedigm launched the linear streaming and video-on-demand advertising (AVOD) network CONtv Anime in June 2020. Cinedigm renamed spectator and integrated the service into CONtv Anime.

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