Demon Slayer Characters

The Demons (おにOni) are immortal creatures who feed on human flesh and blood to survive and become stronger with each human they devour. All demons are former humans who lose most of their memories and almost all traces of humanity after drinking or being injected with Muzan Kibutsuji‘s blood becoming his servants and sharing their own vision and thoughts with him. Higher Demons are also capable of casting powerful magic spells called Blood Demon Arts (血鬼術Kekkijutsu). The specifics of these spells are unique to each Demon.

All Demons are weak to sunlight, being easily destroyed upon being exposed to it, but they can be also killed by decapitation with special swords used by the Demon Slayers called Nichirin Blades (にちりんとうNichirin Tō). Demons also are highly intolerant to wisteria flowers, avoiding places where such plants are abundant and wisteria extract can be lethal to them in high doses.

Kagaya is the main man behind the Demon Slayer Corps. While he looks kind of old, he is only in his mid-20s. The curse of the Ubuyashiki family left that nasty scar on his face, a calm reminder that he won’t live past his 30th birthday.

This curse was put on the family due to them being related to MuzanKagaya worked hard as the leader of the Corps to dispose of Muzan, but he had to see many of his men getting slaughtered by demons. At last, he decided to serve as bait for Muzan, so he can finally be cut down.

These two are hard to differentiate for sure! Kiriya is actually a boy, the middle child of Kagaya. He was promoted as the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps after his father passed. To be honest, even as a child, Kiriya had some good tactical decision-making, as he didn’t hesitate a moment and went after Muzan despite losing his father.

Kanata is a little bit more shy but she’s got some spirits to work with. She, alongside Kiriya, worked as conductors of the Final Selection Exam. The only way to tell them apart is their hair color, and sometimes the different hair decorations that they put on.

This man is the first Hashira and in fact, the first Demon Slayer we encountered. He is the de facto main guy of the Nine Pillars, as Giyu was around for the whole show and helped out at the most crucial times.

It would be logical that the most important person uses fire-type abilities – like in every other anime, but looks like we must be content with water magic this time. Hey, Giyu uses his breathing style pretty effectively and it’s fun to watch him do new forms every time !

Sanemi wasn’t a pleasant guy at first. Well, he didn’t change much over time, but his backstory got explained properly, and we could at least finally understand him. Family matters the most, you know? If you don’t care about family anymore, then what is left to care about?

Sanemi is crazy strong, but it’s often debated whether he is in the top three Hashira in strength. His rage often comes in handy during fights too. Before becoming a Hashira, he defeated the Lower Rank 1 of the Twelve MoonsUbume along with another Demon Slayer recruit, who sadly died in the process.

Tengen was the main moving factor behind the Entertainment District Arc. He conducted infiltration on the demon activity in the region, sending his three wives to find out some things about the Upper Moon .

Yes, he has three wivesTengen is a real chad, a flamboyant bloke if you will. He loves to use this term, which is in great sync with his personality. Tengen always fights with pride and a smile! He is considerate though, as he is the Sound Hashira, using echolocation is the main way of his winning strategy.

Tengen had a hard time accepting Nezuko’s existence, as well as the free-roaming of Tanjiro. He thought that it’s better to just get rid of them, but as time went on, he started to respect the young man . Tanjiro managed to make the old man – 23 btw – be proud of him, but Tengen had to retire after the raid, as he suffered serious damage.

Shinobu is the favorite character of many, which isn’t a surprise at all! She is loveable for every reason, as Shinobu is straight-up rational and sentimental at the same time. She can bend the rules to preserve mental health, but keeping the Corps together is also the honest wish of this Hashira.

She is playful for the most part, which was shown in great detail during Tanjiro’s stay at the Butterfly Mansion . Her energy spread through the whole house, and every resident became cheerful from her indirect effect after their recovery from the Spider Mountain Mission.

She isn’t very strong in general. Shinobu uses poison to defeat demons, which is quite effective against most low-ranked enemies, but against the Twelve Moons, it’s only a supporting force. While every Hashira has “Destroy Demons” engraved into their weapons, Shibonu has “Evil Demon” on one side, and “Destruction” on the other.

Obanai, the “old snake owner” is one of the strongest of the Hashira. He can fight multiple enemies at once due to his Serpent Breathing style, which became even stronger after he awakened his mark. Obanai also wielded Bright Red Nichirin Blades, the strongest type of swords one could get.

Gyomei is often overlooked as a Hashira due to his lack of screentime, but this dude is actually the strongest human in the series, at least he was in his lifetime. Gyomei is the Stone Hashira, but he didn’t get this title because he’s a stoner, rather for his massive figure.

Gyomei is blind, but that won’t stop him from destroying evil. This boulder of a man is the tallest,[10] strongest, and most tactical person among the Hashira. He had even beaten Tengen in an arm-wrestling match!

Gyomei, despite being blind, could perfectly utilize his weapons. He used an ax attached to a chain instead of a sword, which turned out to be a strong piece of equipment. TanjiroInosuke, and even the Upper Rank 1Kokushibo declared him  to be the strongest of the Hashira.

Mitsuri is also a very popular character, just like Shinobu. While she didn’t do much with her single episode of screentime, Mitsuri has plenty of fans already, which is probably due to her being a girl. Crazy, right? She developed her unique Breathing style of Love Breathing and used this rather tricky ability deck to confuse her enemies.

As the Mist HashiraMuichiro’s life fades into mist too. He has trouble focusing on the important stuff, which is understandable, as this boy is only 14 years old. He is the descendant of the Number 1 Upper Moon, Kokushibo. He lost his older brother in a demon attack and he became rather stoic afterward.

Rengoku is probably still the favorite character of everyone, as the Mugen Train Arc left a mark on the hearts of the audience. He worked his way through the hardcore demon forces and became a fan favorite with ease!

Rengoku lacked approval from his father , but he couldn’t back down that easily. Rengoku climbed the ladder that led to the top of the Corps, he finished every mission with pride and desire, and even his legacy was kept up long after his death. His Flame Breathing is not to be confused with the Fire Breathing style, one that we will cover later.

Sakonji is one of the lucky few who managed to retire, an not lose his Hashira title by means of death. He was the main cultivator of the Water Breathing style, and he taught many other Demon Slayers to obtain positions in the Corps. This group included Tanjiro  GiyuSabito, and Makomo. While he was often distrustful of his students, he managed to gain respect for them every time.

This lady was the perfect example of an older sibling having a great impact on the younger ones. She showed the way of a cheerful life for Shinobu, and didn’t hesitate a bit to adopt Kanao  as another younger sister! Sadly, she passed away young in a fight against the Number 2 Upper Moon, Doma, who thus became the primary target of Shinobu as well.

Well, he is the protagonist! To summarize Tanjiro’s character, I believe the most suitable person here would be kind. He was accepting and helpful to everyone in this cruel world. He even tried to help demons out!

Of course, Tanjiro learned to be kind with even these otherworldly creatures due to his sister being one as well , but he was always cheerful and motivational before leaving his village.

Tanjiro slew demons with dedication, but he considered them to be victims too, and tried to give them some good minutes in their final moments. Everyone was surprised by his compassion, and he had to face backlash  for being so kind!

While it was weird how the protagonist uses water as their main element (it is common for the strongest person to be a fire type warrior), Tanjiro soon pulled out his heritage: Fire Breathing passed down by one of his ancestors , who learned it from the legendary Demon SlayerYoriichi Tsugikuni!

Kanao was abused by her family. She was beaten for making a sound, and she decided not to make a single one to avoid punishment. She was sold as a slave , but she was rescued on a bridge by Kanae and Shinobu Kocho. The girls took her to the Butterfly Mansion.

Kanao had a hard time socializing, as she still couldn’t say a word out loud. After Kanae’s death, Kanao received her master’s butterfly hair accessory. She still didn’t talk much before Tanjiro appeared in her life . The boy was so inspiring to everyone that he could even talk a hole in Kanao’s stomach and send her down the path of becoming a regular person again

Zenitsu is one of the main characters and he serves as the comic-relief for the most part. Well, almost any character can be the target of jokes in this series, but Zenitsu is seriously always the victim here.

He is a “womanizer”, one that gets no women[20]! He is loud, cowardly, and unfunny, but when he loses all hope for life, Zenitsu transcends into a coma-like state where he is a million times stronger. This asleep Zenitsu can defeat any enemy, so knocking him out is a good strategy for the humans.

Inosuke is just like most other characters in Demon Slayerloud and crazy. He likes to go into fights with no preparation, slaying his way through to the final boss.

This rarely works out well and he should be grateful for walking away in one piece. Inosuke wears a boar mask all the time to hide his feminine face, which of course came as a big surprise for the audience when it was revealed for the first time.

While Genya isn’t nearly as loud and murderous as Bakugo is, he can be pretty creepy to stay around. Genya always looked uninterested, but he was mostly too preoccupied with other emotions and couldn’t express his current real mood.

Inosuke is just like most other characters in Demon Slayerloud and crazy. He likes to go into fights with no preparation, slaying his way through to the final boss.

This rarely works out well and he should be grateful for walking away in one piece. Inosuke wears a boar mask all the time to hide his feminine face, which of course came as a big surprise for the audience when it was revealed for the first time.

There is not much to tell about former low-ranked Demon Slayers, but Yoriichi is one worth mentioning. He was the progenitor of most mainstream Breathing styles, all created by his Sun Breathing.

Yoriichi owned a pair of hanafuda earrings, the same that Tanjiro used centuries later. You see, when Yoriichi exiled himself from the Demon Slayer world, he encountered Sumiyoshi Kamado, a boy who asked him to teach the people about his unique BreathingYoriichi thus passed on his knowledge and equipment to the Kamado family, and Tanjiro managed to awaken his inner Breathing technique due to him being related to Yoriichi this way.

Yoriichi was not only an insanely strong Demon Slayer – one who didn’t get into the Hashira, but he taught others from the Corps to use special Breathing styles created from his own. Those were the WaterWindFlameThunder, and Stone Breathing styles. He fought Muzan once and he managed to give the demon a hard time, but he still failed to kill him.

He also failed to keep his brother in the lines of the Demon SlayersYoriichi had an older brother, Michikatsu, who served in the Corps as well but he wasn’t nearly as talented. Out of jealousy, he didn’t fight back hard against Muzan and became the Number 1 of the Twelve Moons as Kokushibo soon after. Yoriichi was outed from the Corps due to these mistakes.

While Aoi completed the Final Selection Exam, she thinks that her success there came down to pure luck. She likes being far away from the action and considers herself useless on the battlefield. We have no information about her abilities, but if anything, Aoi is a real hard worker at the Butterfly Mansion! She was a bit mean to the recovering residents of the mansion but it’s understandable, considering the manners of the boys staying there.

Inosuke is just like most other characters in Demon Slayerloud and crazy. He likes to go into fights with no preparation, slaying his way through to the final boss.

This rarely works out well and he should be grateful for walking away in one piece. Inosuke wears a boar mask all the time to hide his feminine face, which of course came as a big surprise for the audience when it was revealed for the first time.

Muzan was revealed pretty early to be the big bad guy behind the scenes. He is the progenitor of all demons, the bane of mankind, the main enemy of the Demon Slayers, and the very man who massacred the Kamado family.

He turned into a demon while trying to cure himself with the Blue Spider Lily. Muzan then could only eat human flesh and he didn’t hold back with anything. He turned more and more people into demons by injecting his blood into their systems.

Muzan could virtually control every demon using his blood. They couldn’t even speak out his name, or else they would meet death soon. Muzan ranked his army into a hierarchical order, with the Number One of the Twelve Moon being above everyone else.

He only used these incredibly powerful demons to fight off the Demon SlayersMuzan himself never joined the fray. After Tanjiro exposed his identity, Muzan had to step up his game and play tactically against the Hashira, even though he could easily defeat those guys one by one.

Nezuko was turned into a demon by MuzanTanjiro didn’t give up on family though – Dom Toretto would be proud. He carried the girl away in hopes of turning her back to a human, which worked out well in the end.

Tanjiro had to face distrust and almost a death penalty for accompanying the girl, but their bond couldn’t be cut that easily. Nezuko was a peaceful demon, she didn’t even want to eat humans. She stayed in Tanjiro’s basket, for the most part, only helping out in times of crisis.

Tamayo is a doctor living in Asakusa . She was turned into a demon by Muzan, but she managed to break his spell and live freely without the control of the Demon LordTamayo lived with Yushiro for the most part.

She was skilled in medicine, always bringing out newer potions that had great effects on the target. Some of these were converting potions that helped Nezuko, or pills that could sever Blood Demon Art, or even damage Muzan. She could also use spells that created visual dreams.

Tamayo’s traveling companion wasn’t a pleasant guy at all. Yushiro rejected the idea to team up with randoms – those people who he could later call his allies, like Tanjiro. He always gave in to Tamayo’s wishes, so their teamwork was immaculate.

Yushiro was a fierce fighter, one that wouldn’t back down from some wounds. This was proved at the Infinity Castle battle when he came back rushing with medicine and helping out the worn down soldiers. Yushiro could also cast a spell that disguised whole structures, thus effectively hiding from Muzan.

Susamaru was one of the demons that attacked Tamayo and Yushiro in Asakusa. She got the objective from Muzan to hunt down the boy with the hanafuda earrings  (Tanjiro), and they moved quickly in order.

While she couldn’t yet join the Twelve Kizuki, she aspired to be one of them. Susamaru used some magical balls to crush her opponents , which always worked great against people who didn’t know about the components of those balls.

Yahaba was Susamaru’s partner in the raid against Tamayo and Yushiro. He was close to being one of the Twelve Kizuki, as Yahaba had some unique abilities. He could manipulate physics by pushing his targets with pure force of will.

He was technically blind, with two Koketsu Arrows in his eyes that appeared on his palms. Using the force of these arrows, anything could be pushed around in the air, dealing massive damage and giving mental problems to the target.

I made sure to rank the Twelve Moons based on their strength, which is perfectly reflected by their ranks! Muzan didn’t make mistakes when he gave these titles to the demons. Kokushibo is the strongest, and for a reason.

While still a human, he was a strong Demon Slayersecond behind only to his younger brother, Yoriichi Tsugikuni. The latter used Sun Breathing, the strongest style in existence, while Kokushibo used Moon BreathingKokushibo later gave in for the jealousy of Yoriichi’s power and he let Muzan convert him to a demon.

Kokushibo wanted to fight Yoriichi for real, but when their time of battle came, Yoriichi was already old, and he collapsed right in front of Kokushibo. He was really mad about not being able to kill his brother but as 400 years have passed, he still didn’t even come close to being that strong as Yoriichi was in his time.

Kokushibo was Muzan’s right-hand man, a master of swordsmanship. As he was a Demon Slayer before, Kokushibo relied on a human fighting style. He could use both Demon Blood Art and Moon Breathing with 16 forms! He could handle a battle with three of the strongest Hashira, but his will eventually broke to pieces upon remembering his brother.

Doma was the second strongest of the Twelve Moons, which isn’t a surprise. While this demon looks fancy on the outside, he is just like any other rotten monster. Doma was the one claiming the life of Kanae Kocho, which made Shinobu target this demon.

They fought a fierce battle in the Infinity Castle alongside Kanao and Inosuke, which resulted in the death of both Shinobu and Doma.

The third seat is also one of the most powerful demons out there. He fought and killed the Flame Hashira during the Mugen Train Arc , but later he found himself in a difficult situation in the Infinity Castle against Tanjiro and GiyuAkaza didn’t let the Demon Slayers take the trophy – he killed himself.

Nakime didn’t really show up and fight like the other Upper Ranks, but she was a very important pawn of MuzanNakime could summon demons to the Infinity Castle using her Blood Demon Art, and she was the one who basically kept this other dimension running.

Kaigaku was just like Kokushibo – he turned into a demon after being a Demon Slayer. He trained with Zenitsu way before becoming a Demon Slayer at the previous Thunder HashiraJigoro’s house. Kaigaku surprised Zenitsu on the battlefield, but Zenitsu cleaned up the demon with ease, as he stated, ”you are just a replacement of an Upper Moon.”

These two demons were assigned to the position of Upper Rank 6, as they were siblings. While they were weak on their own, the two together proved to be a good combo, especially due to their poisonous attacks.

We met them at the Entertainment District Arc, where Tengen Uzui and the boys were preparing a raid on the demons. After a fierce battle, the Upper Ranks were killed by the humans – for the first time in centuries!

Enmu appeared during the Mugen Train Arc, and he turned out to be a big trouble for the Demon Slayers. You see, his power was to make others fall asleep in mere moments.

He could have cleaned up the human warriors if Tanjiro didn’t find a way out of his maze. Apparently, killing yourself in your dreams can wake you up! After repeating that dozens of times, Enmu was eventually overpowered by Inosuke and Tanjiro.

He was the Spider Demon of the titular arc. Rui liked to confuse his enemies and make them fight against each other, rather than engaging in a face-to-face fight. He only revealed himself to be the boss around when his family was taken out.

Rui used insanely strong Blood Demon Art, creating sharp threads, just like a real spider. He fought off Tanjiro pretty well, who would have gotten killed if Giyu didn’t arrive

He was a pretty interesting guy. Kyogai only fought well in his own mansion , where he could manipulate the structure of the building by knocking on his Tsuzumi Drums, 6 unique drums that were attached to his body. While this technique gives good confusion to his opponents, he got kicked out of the Twelve Moons for not being strong enough.

Little is known about Tanjiro’s father – except his suspiciously similar name to the first son of the family. This man was always pretty frail, and he had been sick for a while before the start of the story. While Tanjuro wasn’t a big fighter, and we have no information about him being related to the world of Demon Slayers, he inherited the tradition of Fire Breathing and the hanafuda earrings, those that later became Tanjiro’s possessions.

Hotaru was the main swordsmith of the story. He gave the nichirin blades to Tanjiro. While his masked self is pretty reserved, Hotaru is actually a handsome man underneath the old master of his craft persona.

He expected Tanjiro to have the blades turn bright red after giving them to the boy, and he was disappointed to not see the phenomenon. On the other hand, he fought the Upper Moons well alongside the Demon Slayers.

Kozo is a gentleman, he likes to speak about his profession with respect, and he holds his customers in great regard as well. That was at least the case before he saw Inosuke chop down his blades to make them look cooler. Kozo  lost his manners and wanted to beat up the boar man to take revenge.

Little is known about Tanjiro’s father – except his suspiciously similar name to the first son of the family. This man was always pretty frail, and he had been sick for a while before the start of the story. While Tanjuro wasn’t a big fighter, and we have no information about him being related to the world of Demon Slayers, he inherited the tradition of Fire Breathing and the hanafuda earrings, those that later became Tanjiro’s possessions.

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