Hiroshi Takahashi’s Crows / Worst project gets new spin-off – News

The January issue of Akita Shoten‘s Monthly Champion Shônen magazine revealed on Friday that the draft Hiroshi Takahashi‘s Ravens and Worse manga has a new derivative manga titled Worst Gaiden Saburock Santa: Namonaki Karasu-tachi (Worst Side Story Saburock Santa: Nameless Crows) which premiered on Akita ShotenFriday’s Manga Cross site. Takeyo Kitahara is credited with the original work and Takaaki Hayashi draws the art. Shōichirō Masumoto is credited with assisting the script. Takahashi is credited for the original concept.

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The manga will describe the one year gap in the story when Harumichi Bōya leaves Suzuran Boys High School until Hana Tsukishima arrives in Toaru City.

that of Takahashi Ravens the manga lasted 26 volumes and inspired a two-episode anime OAV adaptation. The manga has also inspired three live-action films, with Takashi miike production of the first two films, Zero ravens and Ravens Zero II. Crows explode, the third film, released in Japan in April 2014. Tokyo shock released the first film on DVD and Blu-ray disc in North America, and a video label MVM released both Zero ravens and Ravens Zero II UK.

Takahashi started Worse in the continuity of its previous one Ravens series in 2001, and ended it with 33 volumes compiled in 2013. The story follows an offender named Hana Tsukishima as he climbs to the top of the gangs at famed Suzuran Boys High School. A side story in one volume titled Worst Gaiden ran in Monthly Champion Shônen in 2009. The franchise launched a new spin-off manga titled Worst Gaiden: Dokuro (Worst Side Story: Skull) in February 2019, as well as another spin-off titled Worst Gaiden: Guriko (Worst Side Story: Guriko) which launched in January 2019. Yet another new derivative manga titled Worst Gaiden Zetton-sensei launched in July 2020.

HiGH & LOW THE WORST, a crossover film that integrates both the main manga with the Up and down franchise, opened in Japan in October 2019. 6 of HiGH & LOW THE WORST, the sequel to the film, premiered on TVN in November 2020. A film sequel will open in early fall this year.

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