Kimetsu No Yaiba Light Novel (Demon Slayer Light Novel) – Chapter 3 – The Chronicles of the Disturbance caused by Fortune Telling

Kimetsu No Yaiba Light Novel (Demon Slayer Light Novel) – Chapter 3 – The Chronicles of the Disturbance caused by Fortune Telling

“—You have the face of Jonan (ill fortune with women).”


Tanjirou stopped his steps as he heard surprising words from the middle of the crowd.

Zenitsu and Inosuke who were beside him stopped as well.

Tanjirou glanced around with his eyes widened and realized that there was a short elderly woman standing at the crossroads. The elderly woman had frost coloured hair, a face full of wrinkles and was wearing a lavender coloured kimono.

Just as Tanjirou threw her a doubtful gaze, the elderly woman lightly shook her head and said in a resolute manner.

“Not you.”

Tanjirou turned his head towards Inosuke.

“Not that boar head either, it’s the blondie.”


After hearing the elderly woman’s words, Zenitsu who was just zoning out at the side as though he was not involved let up a shocked expression and pointed at his own nose with his index finger.

“Uh……do….do you mean me?”


The elderly woman made a great show of nodding her head.

“Granny, what do you mean by Jonan?”

After Tanjirou asked that, the elderly woman sternly replied:

“Jonan means a man landing himself into disaster because of his fateful encounter with women, that boy’s face has that kind of look.”

“What’s this old hag rambling on about? Is her head screwed on right?”


Tanjirou chided Inosuke.

“You rude fella!! I’m not an old hag!!”

The elderly woman roared with a terrifying raspy voice and Tanjirou and Zenitsu were startled.

“Then are you an old dude?”

Inosuke, on the other hand, spoke in a dismissive manner.

“It’s all the same anyway. An old person is an old person.”

“—I won’t harm you, do not approach any woman for the whole day today.”

The elderly woman seemed to have decided to ignore Inosuke.

As though she was going to look through Zenitsu’s eyes, the elderly woman stared at him, her gaze unwavering.

“Avoid women as best as you can.”

And at the same time, she solemnly ordered him.

“Also, it’s better if you don’t even speak to them.”

“That sounds kinda overboard……”

Zenitsu smiled while looking at Tanjirou for his agreement. However, what the elderly woman said later made his already slightly stiff smile freeze completely.

“You’ll die.”


“If any woman was to fall for you, you will die. And it would be in a way that is as tragic as you can imagine it to be. Burn that into your brain.”

After she finished talking, the elderly woman started feeling around her waist area.

She pulled out a tattered talisman.

The yellowed damage surface of the paper had some words written on it but it was illegible.

“…..Even though this can only give you a peace of mind, take it.”

Forcing the talisman into Zenitsu’s hand, the elderly lady left in front of the three of them. She did not ask for some exorbitant payment for the fortune telling or for the talisman. But doing that only made the situation even more spine chilling.

Zenitsu was still frozen at where he was standing.

As though he had lost his soul.


Tanjirou asked nervously out of concern.

“Ahhh——————————-!!!!!!! (Terrible high-pitched sound)”

The ugly wail that could not be described –rang out among the crowd.


“I don’t believe this….what is going on? Saying that I will die……So scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

With fear racing throughout his whole body, Zenitsu tightly grasped onto Tanjirou’s haori, and all fluids that could flow were flowing down his face.

“We’re about to go back……why would she say I’m going to die? It’s weird! It’s too weird!!”


It was not as though Tanjirou could not understand his feeling.

After finishing a mission outside the village, the trio went to rest at household that had a wisteria emblem which was nearby. Only now were they going to return to the Butterfly Estate and they were going to buy some souvenirs here since it was on the way.

“If it’s not too much trouble, please buy some snacks on your way back.”

The one who requested that was Kochou Shinobu, ,the owner of the Butterfly Estate.

Ever since the mission on the Infinity Train, the three of them had been dedicated all their energy into training. Shinobu was probably worried about them.

As expected of a large town, one can see all sorts of strange things just by simply looking around.

At the beginning, Inosuke was unusually scared of the crowd and kept hiding behind Tanjirou.

Hey! What’s that?!”

“The horse is pulling a really large box!!’

“Why are those people’s clothes so weird?”

“There’s a nice smell?! Is it that tempura thing?!”

Right now, he seems to be extremely excited.

“This guy is so embarrassing.” Even though, Zenitsu, who was the only one who was used to the city life, showed an impatient expression, he was seriously picking gifts for the girls at the Butterfly Estate.

Thinking back to the kinds of snacks he saw at the Butterfly Estate and considering how this did not seem right or that did not seem right for very long, in the end, he went for the safest option, manju.

After buying sufficient manju for the rest at the store that was widely popular among women and just when they were about to return back to base, he was suddenly given a death sentence.

Even other people would be completely panicked.

“I hate this……why me?! Why?! Tell me why?! Uwahh——!!!!”

“Zenitsu, calm down.”

“Bi—-Bi—–Bi—–Bi—–This guy is so noisy.”

Just as Tanjirou was trying to console a sobbing Zenitsu, Inosuke said in disdain:

“If you’re a man, stop chit chatting and pluck up your courage!!”

“You’re too much!!”

Zenitsu looked back at him angrily.

“You’re really too much, Inosuke!! I get that as well, but you’re really too much!! I might die, right?! And that person said I will die very tragically!!”

“Inosuke, you need to consider Zenitsu’s feelings too.”

Tanjirou was sympathetic of Zenitsu and he tried to appeal to Inosuke.

“Anyone would be in a panic if they were suddenly told that, right?”

“That’s just the nonsensical words of an old hag.”

“It’s not nonsense, it’s fortune telling.”

“Isn’t that the same?”

Inosuke said coldly.

Tanjirou guessed that he might not even know what fortune telling was.

“Listen, Inosuke. Fortune telling is……”

And he planned to explain from the beginning.”

“Whether it’s accurate or not, it’s just some kind of prediction in the end.”

Unexpectedly, Inosuke seems to have knowledge about it.

“You actually know, Inosuke.”

“Yeah. I’m the boss after all!”

Hearing Tanjirou’s praise, Inosuke puffed out his chest saying : “It sure is a pain bringing such disappointing minions.”

Usually Zenitsu would have retorted with: “Boss?! Since when?!” “I have no intention of being your minion!” Right now, his expression was that of a small animal in a complete hopeless situation and he was listening to the conversation of the two while shaking.

“—yeah.” After thinking for a while, Tanjirou nodded his head and responded then he turned to face Zenitsu.

“What Inosuke said is reasonable, Zenitsu.”


His friend who got his name called jolted then quietly sent a terrified gaze over.

“There’s definitely not one fortune teller who is omnipotent. And there won’t be one.”

If such a person exists, then they would be a god. Not a human.

Because of the sudden scare, not only Zenitsu, even Tanjirou got flustered.

If one just treated the entire thing as just a mere prediction, then there was no need to be overly worried.

Hearing Tanjirou’s words—-

“You…you’re right.”

Zenitsu finally showed a relieved expression.

He sniffed and said:

“Now that you mention it, that old granny seems suspicious. She must be a scam—”

“You mean that fortune teller at the crossroads with excellent divination skills?”

Suddenly the cheerful voice of a girl overpowered what Zenitsu was saying.


Zenitsu froze and immediately hid behind Tanjirou. Tanjirou and Inosuke turned their heads towards the source of the voice and they saw two girls dressed in elegant clothing chatting and walking over.

“Yeah. I heard she a fortune teller with a head of white hair and a lavender colored Kimono—”

“She’s that spot on?”

“Yes, it seems so. My friend followed that fortune teller’s advice and very quickly found her soulmate and they even got engaged in half a month!”

“Ahh….that’s great!!”

“But there seemed to be people who did not heed her warning and got injured because of that.”

“Goodness, that’s horrifying.”

“You’ll be fine as long as you follow her orders.”

“Areh, but I don’t see anyone who looks like her.”

“Really. Where did she go?”

The cute girls were looking around for the fortune teller.

Zenitsu’s gaze was locked on the two of them.

But he did not show his usual lewd—or more accurately, infatuated expression. His ashen face was stiff like that of a wax figurine and cold sweat was flowing down his forehead.

On top of that, a strange kara kara sound could be heard. Turns out it was the sound of his teeth chattering.

(This is bad…….)


Right at the moment when Tanjirou was about to remind Zenitsu about what they talked about earlier—


Zenitsu let out a terrible scream that sounded like a chicken being crushed to death.

The eyes of people around them focused on him/

The two girls let out a yelp in fright and they bolted off as quickly as rabbits.

“See!! See!! It’s actually accurate?! Other people are saying that it’s spot on?!”

“Pull yourself together!!”

Tanjirou hugged Zenitsu, who had bent over and curled up like a shrimp, then forcefully pulled his cheeks.

His intention for doing this was snap Zenitsu back to his senses but unexpectedly, the latter started squealing.

“Ah?! What?! What are you doing?!”

“You need to get a hold of yourself!”

“As if I can! And it hurts you know?!”

“Don’t give in to the fortune, Zenitsu.”

“I can’t do it!! Didn’t those two girls say so as well?! I’m going to die! I’m going to die today!! Uuhehehehe……”

Zenitsu had fallen into the depths of fear and he even let out a bone chilling laugh.

Just as Tanjirou was at a loss of what to do, Inosuke who had kept quiet all this while clicked his tongue, saying:

“—Tch, what a bunch of embarrassing minions. Both of you, not talking about that moron Monitsu, Choujirou, didn’t you listen to what that old had said properly?”

He moved his boar head towards the two.

One side of Tanjirou’s brow frowned slightly.

“Inosuke, you mean…?”

“Jonan refers to a man encountering disaster because of his luck with women right?”

“Ah, yes, that’s what it is.”

That was the kind of face they heard that Zenitsu had.

“Do you think it’s possible for this guy?”


“So it has to be a bunch of hogwash.”

Inosuke said in a resolute manner.

“I see.”

After hesitating for a while, Tanjirou nodded.

“The both of you are too much!!!!”

Zenitsu threw a tantrum.

“Don’t you two think you’ve gone overboard?! So?! Are you saying I have no luck with women?! That it’s not possible for any girl to like me?! Never mind about Inosuke, Tanjirou, you feel the same way as well?! And to think you have a kind face!! Damn it!!!!”

Zenitsu yelled at the top of his lungs and was close to shedding blood tears。

“No, that’s not what I meant—”

Forcing himself to say something that did not come from his heart was unbearable and Tanjirou, who could not lie, was flustered. He raised his voice and said:

“Anyway, let’s quickly return to the Butterfly Estate.”

Shinobu was there.

If Zenitsu could hear Shinobu gently telling him: “It’s just fortune telling, nothing to worry about.” He would definitely calm down. As long as they make it through the night, he will completely forget about this whole fortune telling thing the next day.

Tanjirou made his calculations.


However, in the next second, Zenitsu suddenly yelled.

“We can’t return to the Butterfly Estate! Tanjirou!!”

“? Why?”

Unexpectedly, Zenitsu was against the idea. Tanjirou could not help but let out a confused expression.

“Is there a problem?”

“Do I have to explain….Do you really not realise it?! There are six girls there, right?! Listen carefully, six girls, okay?!”

Zenitsu counted them out with his fingertips. There was Shinobu, Kanao, Aoi, Kiyo, Sumi and Naho.

After Tanjirou heard those words, he still could not understand. Inosuke also looked at Zenitsu impatiently.

“And so? Zenitsu.”

“If someone among them develops feelings for me, then what?! What if one of them confessed to me? Then I’m doomed! And that girl would be too pitiful, right?! Loving me would lead to my death? That’s a tragedy!!”

Even though Zenitsu specially explained, Tanjirou still did not understand.

“This guy is still as gross as ever.”


Inosuke said shortly in a low voice.

Tanjirou also did not know what to say to his pitiful friend.

“———-I have decided.”

Then, Zenitsu spoke in a serious whisper.

“I will avoid girls completely for the whole of today!! Tanjirou and Inosuke, you’re both in charge of protecting me, in case girls fall in love with me! Do you understand?! You have to give your all to protect me!! I have to live for Nezuko-chan’s sake!!”

“We might as well dump him here.”

“No….we can’t do that.”

Inosuke and Tanjirou were having a short argument but Zenitsu did not hear their words.

Perhaps Zenitsu thought about Nezuko’s situation—warm tears filled his eyes as he dived deep into his own imagination.

In the eyes of passersby , it definitely looked gross.

“Then let’s find some place to ditch him.”

“I already said we can’t, Inosuke.”

“It’s alright, Nezuko-chan! I definitely won’t die! I will survive this crisis and bring you happiness that’s unparalleled in this world……!! Marry me without any second thoughts!!”

Zenitsu, who was gushing tears because of his own fantasies, gripped his fists tightly and completely ignored Inosuke’s biting words and Tanjirou’s troubled expression.



Right at the moment they stepped into the shop, a female staff member approached them with a cheerful smile.

This was a café that faced the main road.

As Zenitsu refused to return to the Butterfly Estate and Inosuke was hungry, in order to fulfil both their requests, the group came to this café. However, right after stepping into the shop, Tanjirou understood that this decision was a bad one.

(What do I do? There’s girls everywhere…..)

As expected of a fashionable café in a big town; there were female customers everywhere.

Adolescent girls who were dressed nicely all looked in their direction from afar.

The female staff member was wearing a western apron outside her kimono and walked over with a broad smile. A gentle gaze peeped out from her neatly combed black hair.

“How many people?”

As expected, once the waitress finished speaking, Zenitsu immediately grabbed onto Tanjirou’s right arm, grabbed the battered talisman given to him by the elderly woman with his other hand and started trembling.

Not only that—


He let out a threatening growl.


The smile on the waitress’ face froze.


At this time, just like before, it was Tanjirou who was in charge of bowing and apologizing.

“Please….take a seat inside……”

The waitress used an unusually high pitched voice to bring the trio to their seat.

She was terrified to the point she did not even take note of Inosuke’s boar head.

However, this situation—In Zenitsu’s eyes, was one where a young girl had a crush on him and became shy.

“What now what now what now what now what now what now?”

Zenitsu kept mumbling non-stop.

“What if she falls in love with me……what if she falls in love with me……what if she falls in love with me……”



Seeing that Zenitsu was panting in an unusual manner, as well as his sweating and shaking, even Tanjirou could feel his nervousness. The nasal sound and sweaty palms were especially outstanding.

“Um, Zenitsu, can you calm down just a bit?”

Even though Tanjirou persuaded him, Zenitsu became angry as though his entire body spiked up.

“What are you talking about?! Don’t tell me my death means nothing to you? It doesn’t matter if I’m not around? What kind of friend are you?!”

“It’s not like that. How can I not be affected if you die? I just feel that there’s no need to be that scared—”

It was a pity that Zenitsu treated his words as air.

His whole body still shook and he kept muttering what now. Tanjirou helplessly looked towards Inosuke but he just snorted, having an attitude of “I told you so.”

“You should have listened to me and dumped him from the start.:

“That’s not a nice thing to say. Inosuke is the boss, right?”

“!That’s true. Oi, Monitsu, let’s go!! I’ll protect you because I’m the boss.”

Inosuke’s mood suddenly became very good and he forcefully slapped Zenitsu’s back.

The place where the female staff brought the trio to—was the corner table deep inside the shop. It was a brightly lit shop but for some reason, only that area was especially dim and the air was bit heavy.

It was obvious that they got chased there so they would not affect other customers. But that was a good thing.

Zenitsu quickly sat on the inside seat and hugged both his knees on the chair.

Tanjirou sat next to him and Inosuke sat opposite him.

After picking up the menu—

“I can’t understand this.”

That was what Inosuke said right at the get go.

“This word is read as “Ai”, “I”, “Su”, See, it has the “I” in Inosuke.”

“Oh, it’s my “I”!!”

“Then this is read as “Ku”, and this is “Ri-” and “Mu”.”

Tanjirou was reading each word one by one as though he was teaching his younger brother.


Beside him, Zenitsu suddenly let out a scream.

Tanjirou jumped and asked:

“What is it?”

Zenitsu lifted a shaky finger and pointed at a girl who was seated far away.

“That girl froze when she saw me….She must have fallen in love with me.”

“Sorry, I completely cannot understand what you’re saying.”

Tanjirou said with an expression of regret then Zenitsu shook his head with an exaggerated action.

“But everyone is looking at me……the waitress might have fallen for me……uu…..what should I do? Tanjirou.”

Zenitsu had a tone of despair.

“This guy can’t be helped.”


“Even though he was already very gross in the first place, he’s now sick to the bone, he doesn’t even know what’s fantasy and what’s reality anymore, right?”


Hearing his friend icily speak the bitter truth, Tanjirou quickly stopped him with a light voice.

Then, another waitress came came to take their order.

“Excuse me….what would you three like to order?”

The other party was obviously wary of Zenitsu. Perhaps it was for that reason, her voice was shaky and a bit high.

Zenitsu saw her, misunderstood the meaning again and started to shake.

“Yi! This person kept stealing glances at me……she must be planning to confess….so scary so scary so scary so scary so scary so scary so scary so scary—-”

“Don’t go overboard, Zenitsu.”

Tanjirou hit Zenitsu’s head with his fists as the latter had lost all sense of reason.

“Can’t you see she’s frightened?! Don’t cause trouble for the people in the shop!”

Even though he did not use a lot of strength, his friend’s eyes suddenly rolled upward and collapsed on the table in a relaxed manner.

After the situation finally regained its peace—

Tanjirou lowered his head to apologise again.

“It’s, it’s fine—”

The waitress was teary eyed. Even though Tanjirou also wanted to let her leave as quickly as possible, the menu was full of items that could not be identified from their name.

Just as Tanjirou was at a loss—

“Hey, that looks tasty, don’t you think?”

Inosuke pointed.

Tanjirou turned his head in that direction only to see that a lady seated nearby was picking up a spoon and eating what looked like a white manju in a glass vessel.

From the lady’s expression, that food seemed to be cold. The vessel also had a long object that looked like a rice cracker.

It did stir his curiosity.

“Give us three of those.”

After Tanjirou ordered—


The waitress let out an obvious relieved expression. She smiled lightly then quickly escaped from the table……


“Thank you for waiting. This is the store’s recommended ice cream.”

What they ordered was sent to their table in a speedy manner, however, it was another waitress who served it to them.

This time, it was a woman with a terrifyingly muscular frame. Even a sumo wrestler would be dwarfed in compassion. Just her arms alone were thicker than Tanjirou and Zenitsu’s thighs and her muscles were fuller and firmer than Inosuke’s.

“Because it melts quickly, please enjoy it as soon as possible.”

“Wow, thanks—-”

Tanjirou expressed his thanks with a smile. Inosuke, who was always itching for a fight, had his fighting spirit raised high by those naturally thick muscles and he was struggling on whether he should challenge the waitress.

“Yahoo! I’m looking forward to this!!”

Fortunately, Inosuke’s attention was taken away by the delicious food before his eyes and he completely ignored everything else.

He removed his boar head and excitedly grabbed his spoon.

After scooping a generous spoonful into his mouth—


Inosuke made a sound of amazement.

Looking carefully, he was so moved he was trembling.

“This is actually really delicious!! What is this?!”

“I heard it’s called ice cream.

Tanjirou reiterated what the lady called this dish—

Then ate a mouthful himself.

“It’s tasty!”

Tanjirou’s eyes became round. The taste was very different from a manju, it was sweet and cold and it melted in his mouth.

“Tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty!”

Inosuke let out a cheer and scooped large chunks out.

When it came to delicious food, Inosuke was pretty much harmless. Also, as he usually wearing his boar head, one could not imagine that he had a handsome face, in fact, it was not too much to say that he was a beautiful youth with white skin.

Perhaps It was for this reason, the ladies in the shop had their gazes focused in Inosuke.

–Then, for some reason, Zenitsu woke up.


“You’re awake, Zenitsu.”

Tanjirou breathed out a sigh of relief, saying:

“The ice cream is here. It’s really nice. After eating this, I’m sure you’ll feel better.

However, Zenitsu, whose face was like that of rotting wood, turned a deaf ear.

“I feel like there’s someone looking at me……”


“”Eh?” What do you mean “Eh”! Don’t you see that those girls’ passionate gases?! Now what?! I’m going to die?! And in a way that would be the most miserable that you have ever seen!!”

“Calm down, Zenitsu. You’ll cause trouble for the people here, right?”

“Noooooooooo!! Nezuko-chan, Jii-chan, save meeeeeeeeeeeee——–!!! I don’t want to die yettttttt!!!!”


“Excuse me, sir. If you continue to make so much noise in the shop, I will have to ask you to leave.”

Just as Zenitsu was ignoring Tanjirou, who was trying to stop him, and was screaming like he seen a monster, that muscular lady politely gave a warning.

Zenitsu stared at her straight.

“Um……what… said “Sir, I like you. Because I’m too shy, may you step outside”……?”

Zenitsu who misunderstood in a ridiculous manner started to tremble on the spot.

“Yiii———-!!! I’ve been confessed to!! That’s a confession!! Nooooooooooooo!!!!”

Zenitsu yelled on the top of his lungs then pushing Tanjirou who was seated next to him aside immediately, he dashed out of the store’s entrance, there was not even the opportunity to stop him.


Tanjirou watched as his friend disappeared with a flabbergasted expression.

Perhaps he received a huge shock so Zenitsu forgot to bring the talisman that was initially tightly held in his hand.

Inosuke, who was sitting on the opposite side, ate the ice cream with great relish and did not even realise that Zenitsu had ran away.

Tanjirou gently picked up the talisman his friend left on the table.


“Sir, may I ask….where did you get that talisman?”

The waitress frowned and asked sternly—


“What do we do…where did Zenitsu go?”

Tanjirou searched for Zenitsu amongst the crowd of people.

If it were in the mountains, it would extremely easy to spot that blond mop of hair, however this place was full of different colours and everyone was dressed in various ways. It would definitely take a huge effort to find his friend.

The waitress—her name is Koiro—said that there was a fake fortune teller who would borrow the name of the famous fortune teller at the crossroads and find entertainment in scaring people with her malicious lies. Previously, a customer of the shop also encountered this fake and that time she showed her a talisman which looked exactly the same as the one that Zenitsu had.

After listening to Tanjirou’s description of what had happened, Koiro was extremely worried and sympathetic.

“I will be done with work soon. I’ll search with you guys afterwards.”

Also, I’m very familiar with this town—the kind girl said. Tanjirou was of course glad to accept her help. It was unfortunate that they still could not find Zenitsu.

(Don’t tell me Zenitsu had some ideation of hating the world……no way.)

Negative ideas appeared in his mind. Zenitsu was on the edge of a mental breakdown after all.

“Can’t you pick up that idiot’s “smell”?”

“Even though I’ve been trying from the start, but some strong smell keeps bothering me so I can’t sniff it out……”

Tanjirou knitted his brows.

Koiro said this smell was called “perfume”, it was mainly used on women. Some had an extremely sharp smell. So Tanjirou’s sense of smell was useless here.

“I’m going to search around here with Koiro, Inosuke can go over—”

Tanjirou only spoke halfway then—-

“Found him!!!”

Koiro suddenly let out a shout.

He turned his head, following where Koiro was pointing, and looked. That was definitely Zenitsu who was crying while walking.

Tanjirou let out a sigh of relief.



At the same time when Tanjirou was about to call out, Koiro rushed over with heavy footsteps.

Zenitsu jumped while letting out a yelp then he weakly collapsed on the ground. Most likely, he went weak kneed in fear.

Just as Zenitsu closed his eyes, giving up—

“The carriage horses ran away———-!!!!!!!”

A man’s angry roar rang out throughout the street.

There was a disturbance around them,



“Help meeeeee!!!!!”

People scattered like rats and there were screams coming from everywhere.

Tanjirou surveyed his surroundings. Koiro was about to sprint towards Zenitsu then the horse appeared from her right side. It raised its legs.


“Got it!!”

Tanjirou gave an order and the two took action at the same time.

However, something that was as fast as lightning had already taken Koiro away from beneath the horse’s hooves even more swiftly than them.


Tanjirou eyes widened.

The object that was like lightning was Zenitsu.

His friend used breath of lightning to save Koiro.

“That guy’s good.”

Inosuke mumbled softly.

“Pretty amazing for a spineless wimp.”

He went up to the horse that had lost its goal and was going on a rampage then fiercely glared at it.

In a split second, the horse became even more docile than a puppy.

(As expected of Inosuke….)

Tanjirou who became relaxed suddenly remembered Zenitsu’s situation – and returned his gaze to his friend. His friend, who was carrying Koiro was surrounded by an excited crowd.

“Good job, kid!!”

“What did you do?! You’re so fast, eh?!”

“You’re so cool, big brother!!!”

“You’re amazing!!! Boy!!!”

Everyone were throwing praises at Zenitsu magnanimous deed, however, the person involved had an expression that he had no energy to care about them.

Perhaps Koiro was too heavy, Zenitsu’s face was ashen and he could not stop shivering.

“Zenitsu, are you alright–?”

Even though Tanjirou rushed over as quickly as he could, he was unable to get closer due to the human wall. With much difficulty, he managed to squeeze to the front and Koiro, who was being carried by Zenitsu, was staring at his friend with a flirtatious gaze that did not match her frame.

“Sir….for my sake……”

“……It, it’s nothing….this, this isn’t anything much…….as, as a person, thi, this, this is something that I should do.”

“Such a courageous and humble person……”

Koiro mumbled to herself, her heart beating.

The atmosphere then was as though she was going to reveal her confession of love.

Zenitsu kept averting his gaze as though his life depended on it. However, as he looked around the crowd in an attempt to beg for help, his gaze suddenly stopped.

The colour drained from his face until it was a pale as a corpse.

Tanjirou found it strange so he followed his friend’s gaze and found that fake fortune teller.

“Inosuke!” “Leave it to me!!”

Inosuke weaved through the crowd and dashed straight for the fake fortune teller.


“Eh? Eh, Si, sir?! Are you alright?! Sir——!!?”

Hearing Koiro’s shouts, Tanjirou turned his head back immediately.

His friend had lost consciousness while carrying Koiro…….


After Zenitsu woke up, Tanjirou explained the whole situation to him, at the same time, he tried to calm Inosuke down lest the latter should yank all the hair out of the fake fortune teller whom he caught. After that, the three were sent off by Koiro and they left the town, reaching the Butterfly Estate after sunset.

“Arara, it must have been tough.”

After hearing the details of what had happened, Shinobu gently expressed her sympathy for what they went through.

Kiyo, Sumi and Naho also showed their indignation, saying: “Poor Zenitsu-san.” “Are you alright?” “She actually tricked passers-by, that’s too much.” Zenitsu who was extremely depressed by the situation only cheered up after hearing them.

Koiro was the niece of the Café’s boss, in order to thank Zenitsu for saving his precious niece’s life, the boss gave them chocolates, milk candies and large amounts of various other snacks….so the girls were extremely happy.

And their joy was Zenitsu’s joy.

“But Inosuke was really calm since the start.”

Drinking the tea brewed by Aoi and Kanao, Tanjirou praised his friend vigorously.

“Ah?” Inosuke who was eating chocolate raised his head, looking confused.

“That’s filthy!”

Aoi chided angrily.

“I bet this guy felt that I have no luck with women.”

Zenitsu showed his irritation.

“If not, then he couldn’t care less whether I lose my life or not, so he’s so calm.”

But the unexpected thing that happened was—

“When I saw that old hag, I had this disgusted feeling.”

Inosuke gave a different answer.

“My gut feeling told me that she had already decided what she wanted to say and was ready to say it to someone. A normal fortune teller wouldn’t do that right? Then again, what happened to that “hearing” you always use? Didn’t you hear anything?”


Zenitsu let out a sudden startled expression.

Seems like he completely forgot about it.

Seeing that Zenitsu had lowered his head and was not saying anything—

“You are an idiot after all.”

Inosuke made another stabbing comment.

“Shall we take this chance to change your name to Ahoitsu?”

(T/N: Aho means stupid)

“……Shut up.”

Zenitsu’s retort was lacking the force that it usually had.

However Tanjirou was the same when it came to this point. Even though he was completely flustered, he did not smell the malicious “smell” that came from the fake fortune teller. Just as Tanjirou was deeply reflecting about this, Kanao refilled his empty teacup with tea.



“Has Kanao eaten the chocolate yet? It’s really nice.”

Tanjirou held the chocolate out, but for some reason, Kanao blushed furiously and hid behind Shinobu who was nearby.

She refused to take the chocolate because she did not toss her coin……it did not feel like that was the reason.

(What’s wrong with her?)

Tanjirou tilted his head, not understanding.

“Areh~ Tanjirou, isn’t that a nice mood.”

“What? Zenitsu. Your face looks scary.”

“And to think you look so harmless……If you dare to obtain your happiness before me, I’ll curse you, get it?”


Zenitsu’s eyes were red and he gritted his teeth while getting closer to Tanjirou, as though he was ready to curse him anytime.

Tanjirou could not understand what was happening and at that moment, was at a loss of what to do. Shinobu saw the situation and smiled, saying:

“—–alright alright. Anyway, Zenitsu did not come to any harm in the end. Not only did you all successfully complete your mission, you even caught a fake fortune teller on the way home. Your batch of slayers are rather excellent.”

Her smile relaxed the tension of the place.


As Aoi helped to boil another batch of hot water, the trio headed for the bath house.

“I don’t want to bathe, I’ll just rinse myself a bit.”

Even though Inosuke was full of complaints, Tanjirou still dragged him over.

“…….Thanks for your help.”

Then, a weak voice came from behind them.

Tanjirou, and Inosuke.

Even though the volume was really small, it was clearly unexpectedly sincere and somewhat embarrassed,

“–? Zenitsu?”

When they turned around, it was the usual Zenitsu again.

“Sigh—this day has completely wiped me out.”

Zenitsu grumbled impatiently.


“I’m going to bathe.”

Once he finished, he quickly walked towards the bath house.


Tanjirou’s eyes squinted as he looked at his friend’s stubborn figure and could not help but let out a smile.

(T/N: Squint ^_^)

“Your batch of slayers are rather excellent.”


Shinobu’s voice rang out next to his ears.

Was it like that?

Even though he did not know if it was because they were always together since they became demon slayers.

Tanjirou always felt that he was lucky to have met these two during the Drum house mission.

There were some things he could overcome only because they were around.

So he did not get knocked down by the sadness that was difficult to avoid.

Fortunately, he was not alone.

“If you want me to soak myself, I can, but I’m not washing myself.”

“No. Aoi said so too, right? You have to clean your body before entering the bathtub.”

“That annoying brat!”

“Don’t say that, she also has other people in mind. Alright, let’s go, Inosuke.”

Tanjirou dragged his other friend and smiled again.

Looking out of the corridor, the night sky was full of twinkling stars. It felt like they may fall anytime–

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