Kimetsu No Yaiba Light Novel (Demon Slayer Light Novel) – Chapter 4 – After Waking Up From A Dream

Kimetsu No Yaiba Light Novel (Demon Slayer Light Novel) – Chapter 4 – After Waking Up From A Dream

I dreamt that Nii-chan came to see me.

Nii-chan was looking at me standing next to my bed.

I wanted to get up immediately to talk to Nii-chan but I felt really tired and could not get up no matter what.

That was the dream I had—


When Genya opened his heavy eyelids, what appeared before his eyes was the ceiling of the Butterfly Manor.

Kamado Tanjirou was sleeping soundly in the bed next to his, covered in bandages from head to toe.

Of course, his older brother Sanemi was not around.

(Was that just a dream….sigh, it should be just a dream.)

There was no way his brother would visit him.

Genya got up, feeling sorry for himself and met the eyes of a young girl who just happened to walk into the room. It was the pig-tailed girl of the three person group—her name seemed to be Naho,

When Genya’s and her eyes met, Naho tensed up nervously and she shouted:

“Aoi, Genya-san is awake.”

“Sorry, Naho! I’m busy with something now! Please help him measure his pulse and take his temperature again.”

Aoi’s stern voice came over from the neighbouring room.

Immediately after that, there was the sound of what sounded like the wailing of a male squad member as well as the sounds of people scuttling around hurriedly. Seemed like there was someone who was seriously injured.

Naho warily approached the side of Genya’s bed.

“Then I’ll measure your pulse.”

After she said that as though she was muttering to herself, she nervously touched the wrist of Genya’s left arm.

That small hand was obviously trembling.

(Who can blame her for being scared….)
Because of his thirst for power, Genya ate numerous demons. Ever since Himejima referred him to Shinobu, Genya frequently visited this place. But aside from Shinobu, he never got close to anyone to the point that they could just chat leisurely. Even though it was partly due to him being awkwardly shy during his teenage years to the point he was bad at talking to the opposite sex, the main reason was that during this period of time, he was thorny and aggressive towards others.

At that time, Genya did not know how to use Breaths and that made him anxious. Every time he got frustrated that he was unable to shorten the distance between himself and his older brother, he would deliberately vent the anger pent up within him.

Other then venting his frustrations on the demons, he even implicated other people and objects.

No wonder others were terrified of him.

“Your pulse is normal, let me take your temperature next.”

Even though Naho was still scared, she finished the tasks that Aoi asked her to do in an orderly fashion.

“Thirty six point seven degrees, your fever has come down. Do you feel pain anywhere?”

Genya quietly shook his head.

“Then I’ll bring your lunch over later.” “It’s fine –I.”

I don’t need it. After Genya added on what he wanted to say, Naho looked at him with a troubled expression.

Her gaze was full of worry and concern and there was no intention on chiding him.

–Then, the piercing sound of glass shattering could be heard.


“Please stop that!!”

Then they heard screaming from the neighbouring room.

“Aoi? Sumi?”

Naho’s face turned ashen at once and she rushed over while calling out the names of her senior and peer. Hearing that name, Genya’s shoulders trembled for a bit.

(T/N: The Butterfly Estate girl’s name is written as 須美 while Genya’s sister’s name is written as 壽美。Similar reading though)

One of his younger sisters who died was also called Sumi.

Even though that child loved to be spoiled, she knew how to show concern for their mother and had a kind personality. Also, she admired her older brothers, Genya and Sanemi.

–Genya Nii-chan.


The voice of his already dead sister was enough to make Genya get up suddenly and chase after Naho.

When he came to the neighbouring room, the ward had glass scattered all across the ground. Aoi, Sumi as well as Naho who just arrived were looking in the direction of the bed with frightened expressions.

The man who was seated on the bed had bright eyes which were full of hatred and impatience.

“Please calm down! You need to lie down.”

“Lie down and then what?! Will this arm grow back?!”

Hearing Aoi’s words, the male squad member gritted his teeth and yelled.

Only then did Genya realise that that that member was missing the portion below the elbow of one of his arms.

“That arm cannot be saved anymore. But you lost a lot of blood, if you continue getting worked up—”

“All of you don’t even go on missions, what do you know?!”

The expression on Aoi’s face changed at once and she fell silent.

Sumi and Naho, on the other hand, were hugging each other and shaking.

“This is for Yae! This is for her who got killed!! I want to kill as many demons as I can! But now I’ve lost a hand, how am I supposed to hold a sword?!”

After he screamed and yelled, the man picked up the vase next to his bed and threw it at the girls.


Genya immediately caught the vase with one hand. Fortunately it was empty.

The man saw that Genya suddenly showed up and he was at a loss of what to do for a moment. However, his temper rose up again and he threw a furious glare at Genya.


“Don’t take your anger out on girls.”

“You bastard….this has nothing to do with you.”

The man said even more fiercely.

His eyes were full of hate, frustration, impatience as well as rage and sadness that could not be held back. Genya was familiar with that kind of eyes.

Because he was like that in the past.

–I don’t care about the crows!! I want a sword!! Give me a sword now!!

After surviving the Final Selection, the girls who gave them the instructions appeared once more, however he raised his fist and hit their faces and even grabbed their fringe. In the end, Tanjirou stopped him – that time, those were the eyes that he had.

Genya seemed to have acknowledged once more how rough and arrogant he was, so he intentionally spoke in a monotonous tone, saying:

“These people treat the injured squad members without reward for the sake of the Demon Slayer Corps. You should be thanking them, there’s no reason for you to complain.

“That’s because….you don’t have serious injuries at all! But I—”

“If you lose your dominant hand, you could just hold the sword using your other hand. If you lose both your hands, then use your mouth to bite onto it. At least that’s what I would do if it was me.


“If you don’t even have the resolve to do that, then I advise you to leave the Demon Slayer Corps.”

Only then did Genya look straight at the man’s eyes.

The man fell silent, at a loss. Then he quietly cried.


He did not know if the name uttered belonged to a lover or a younger sister—

The man called out the name of the dead and apologized again and again.


No one opened their mouth to say anything.

In the end, other than the man, even Sumi and Naho started to cry loudly.

Genya felt uneasy and quietly left the room.

He had no right to reprimand that man.

(That guy….probably would have handled it better.)

If it were Tanjirou, he probably would be able to put himself in the man’s shoes and gently reach an understanding.

He was trash after all.

He was unable to do anything right.

If that was the case, his older brother would never acknowledge him….


I don’t remember being carried by Oyaji before.

My impression was that he never even smiled at me before.

Oyaji always reeked of alcohol and once he was free, he would hit Kaa-chan and vent his anger out on us, so I don’t want him to carry me at all. Anyway, I quite like the life of taking care of my younger brothers and sisters with Nii-chan.


“Genya, so you’re here after all.”

“Nii, Nii-chan….”

Seeing that Nii-chan managed to find my secret base where I go to take a breather so easily, I could not help but knit my brows. I sat on the stone steps of the shrine which was quite a fairly far distance from the partitioned house* we lived in—logically, this place should not be discovered, Nii-chan was really amazing.

(T/N: Google this term: *棟割長屋. It’s a Japanese traditional terraced house)

“It’s getting dark, let’s go home. Kaa-chan isn’t angry anymore.”

Nii-chan spoke in his usual tone.

I desperately fought the impetus to nod my head.

That time, I was still quite young so perhaps I did not want to let go of my insignificant ego. Actually I was already feeling restless and uneasy, seeing Nii-chan appear made me ridiculously happy but to go back obediently like that was so embarrassing.

Seeing that I shook my head furiously without uttering a word, Nii-chan sighed like an adult. And to think that lately, we were almost the same height, yet Nii-chan always walked in front. Last time, I always felt that he was dependable but recently I became a bit resentful about it.

“The reason why you raised your fists was because someone made fun of Sumi saying that for a family so poor, there sure are a lot of kids, right?”

I nodded my head heavily.

Ahh, Nii-chan must be disappointed.

Just because we got insulted, I struck the landlord’s son. That time, I saw how upset Sumi was that she was in tears, then my mind went blank……

The landlord’s son even suffered a nosebleed.

Who knows if our family would be chased out of our house tomorrow? If that happened, what’s Kaa-chan and everyone else supposed to do.

Nii-chan must be unable to bear with this younger brother of his who does things without thinking.


“It’s not as though you did anything wrong.”


“You did your part of an older brother and seriously protected your younger sister. You should be proud of yourself.”


I raised my head and stared at Nii-chan. Nii-chan smiled. Even though Nii-chan rarely smiled, but he looked so gentle when he did. That face was just like Kaa-chan’s after all. Those little brats below me and I liked Nii-chan’s smile the most.

All kinds of emotions gushed up within his heart and the back of his throat started to become hot that it hurts.

“Let’s go back, Kaa-chan’s really worried.”


I nodded my head and got up from the stone steps.

The objects in the surrounding area were dyed the colour of twilight.

Nii-chan’s back which was in front of me was also dyed red.

Looking forward, I suddenly felt like acting flighty.

I was the second child in the family so I had to take care of my younger siblings most of the times, there was no chance to be spoilt in front of Kaa-chan.

“……Nii-chan….give me a piggyback ride.”

“What? Are you hurt?”

Nii-chan looked back with a surprised look.

The edge of my ears became red and hot at once.

Of course, I wasn’t injured.

“For, forget it. I don’t need it.”

I replied with those words quickly and hurried my pace to walk past Nii-chan.



Nii-chan bent over and squatted with his back facing me.

“Only today, ok?”


I was embarrassed and guilty and I could not help but blush furiously. However, I was extremely joyful as well. Nii-chan carried me on his back.

I felt that Nii-chan’s back was wider than it looked.

If Oyaji was still around—No, if Oyaji was a better person, he would probably be like this.

“Kaa-chan made Ohagi.”

“Really? Did she make a lot?

“Uh-huh. Teiko and I both helped.”

“No wonder Nii-chan smells of Ohagi.”

“Is there a smell?”

“Yup. Ah—I’m hungry.”

I clung on Nii-chan’s back swung around and chatted trivial things with him.

Then I suddenly thought—

I’m the younger brother so I can act spoiled in front of him. But who can Nii-chan act spoiled in front of?

Nii-chan is Kaa-chan’s greatest support. Not only did he work from young, he had to take care of us younger siblings as well. Oyaji could not be depended on too.

Who in the world can Nii-chan act spoilt in front of?





“……Genya-san, are you awake? I brought you medicine.”

When he opened his eyes, he was still in the ward of the Butterfly Manor.

Naho…wrong, the girl who had her hair in twin tails, Sumi was peering in his direction.

His older brother was of course, not around.

Even though his older brother’s back was small when he was younger, it felt wide and warm—but that warmth quickly vanished. Genya sat up and blankly stared and his own hands which were wrapped around his older brother’s neck. His own hands had become large and rough, obviously different from that time. Perhaps it had to do with eating demons, now he was almost the same size as his older brother.

“Are you alright?”

Sumi asked nervously. Genya could not help but show a suspicious expression when he heard that but Sumi peculiarly averted her gaze.


The girl said that with a sorry expression then Genya realized that he was crying.

He frantically wiped his face with his arm.

Sumi did not continue to question, she just quietly placed a hand on Genya’s back and fed him the medicine that Shinobu compounded.

Tanjirou who was in the neighbouring bed was still deep asleep.

(Why are you still sleeping at this kind of time?)
Wake up quickly and smooth things over will you. Genya continuously sent those thoughts to that peaceful sleeping face, however Tanjirou continued sleeping soundly in a comfortable manner.

“Is it bitter?”


“Do you want to drink a bit of water?”

“No need.”

The conversation could not continue.

Just as Genya was flustered over the situation, Sumi spoke, while hesitating:

“—Did you have a fight with your older brother?”


“Because you were sleep talking saying: “Nii-chan, sorry”.”


Seeing that Genya froze, the younger girl shut her mouth at once.

“Thank you for protecting us just now.”

She suddenly changed the topic and bowed her head towards Genya.


After the topic diverged, Genya exhaled in relief and vaguely nodded his head. He looked around the room aimlessly asking:

“What happened to that troublemaker?”

Sumi closed her eyelids and replied:

“He calmed down a lot and now he’s lying down quietly. I heard that he’s going to be sent to the hospital tomorrow. After that he will decide on what to do from now on……”

Genya said: “I see.” while harboring indescribable complex feelings then he asked:

“Are you alright? Did you….get hurt?”


“Wasn’t there the sound of glass breaking?”


Sumi smiled, finally realizing what he meant. Even though they did not look alike, Genya felt that he saw his younger sister’s smile and for that moment, there was a throbbing pain in his chest.

“Thanks to Genya-san, everyone is fine. Aoi and Naho also specially came over to thank you but too bad you were asleep.

“Is it….that’s great.”

Genya let out a sigh.

Sumi fixed her gaze on Genya’s face and did not even blink at all.

Just as Genya was getting flustered at the gaze that did not even deviate a bit from him, Sumi asked, hesitating:

“Wind Pillar-sama is Genya-san’s older brother?”

Genya paused after hearing that and then quietly nodded his head.

A slightly warm wind blew in from the open window which made his cheeks very uncomfortable.

“Did Kochou-san tell you that?”

Hearing Genya’s cold question, Sumi shook her head.

“Because of your names….and you both look alike.”


The girl probably did not mean anything but those words unexpectedly struck deep into Genya’s heart.

The brothers looked alike after all, even outsiders felt the same way.


–Garbage like you can’t be my younger brother. Get the hell out of the Slayer Corps.

They were finally able to meet after much difficulty.

He made so much sacrifices and even worked to the point that he was sweating blood and tears and finally they were able to say a few words.

His older brother, however, threw a bone chilling icy gaze at him and locked him out of his house.

“The number of times I saw Wind Pillar-sama can be counted with my fingers and that person seems very scary so I don’t dare to go near him. So there isn’t much I can say about him.”

“Nii—-Aniki isn’t scary at all.”

Without thinking, Genya protested against her statement loudly causing Sumi to jump in fright.

When he suddenly came back to his senses, only then did Genya cover his mouth with one hand and apologied. However he could not stop himself. He did not want this girl who had the same name as Sumi to misunderstand his brother.

“Aniki is a kind person. Us siblings were always under his care and protection. Even Kaa-chan really depended on Nii-chan….And—”


“His expression is very gentle….when he smiles.”

Genya spent a lot of effort to squeeze out that statement.

Sumi quietly looked at him.

Her eyes were full of compassion.

It was so gentle it made people tear up.

The girl’s family were killed by demons and she became an orphan, thanks to Shinobu extending a helping hand, she could take care of the corps members in the Butterfly Manor.

Genya seemed to be encouraged by her gaze and he started to talk continuously about his siblings.

His father was a hopeless man.

He always went around to make enemies with others and got stabbed to death in the end.

Genya and his older brother worked together to support their mother and were barely able to maintain their family life.

Then one night, a demon broke into their house and killed their younger siblings.

Genya was about to meet his end but his older brother saved him.

When he left the house, what showed up before him was his mother’s corpse as well as his older brother who was covered in blood.

It turned out that their mother turned into a demon and killed everyone.

However, Genya furiously scolded his older brother….

Calling him a murderer—

He said it as though it was another family’s affair.

The him at that time was so hopelessly stupid and made people frustrated.

“I said such harsh words, there’s no way Nii-chan would forgive me. It was me who trampled on Nii-chan’s care for me after all.”


“So he doesn’t want to talk to me at all.”

He doesn’t even want to acknowledge me as his younger brother and told me to disappear from his sight.

I dreamt that of the gentle Nii-chan from the past.

And Nii-chan even visited me in my dreams this morning….

I’m really too useless.

I already knew that I’ll obviously get this kind of retribution, yet I’m afraid of Nii-chan looking at me in such an icy manner.

I’m afraid that the scars in my heart will grow as each day passes and even more afraid that Nii-chan would deny me completely.

After that unfortunate night—

Are the two of us really not brothers anymore?
“Don’t worry.”

Sumi held onto both of Genya’s hands tightly and said in a soft voice. She lightly placed both her hands on Genya’s hand.

“As long as you’re still alive, there’s always a chance that the two of you can start over.”

Genya’s eyes widened when he heard that and Sumi smiled with her eyes with a broad grin on her face.

“You must make up with your brother.”

The girl’s words were full of tenderness yet it was immensely heavy.


This girl would never see her parents or siblings ever again.

If the other party was no longer around, never mind about resolving the issues they had in their heart, they could not even talk about past memories with the dead.

This girl lost everything but I still had Nii-chan. Yet I actually said such childish things—Genya could not help but get angry at himself.


Genya’s regret and self-hatred made him unconsciously reduce his volume.

“Not “sorry”, Genya.”

A gentle voice spoke as such. Turning his head, he saw that Tanjirou, who was still lying on his bed, showing a warm smile.

“At these kinds of moments, you should be saying “thank you.””



Genya’s face turned as red as a tomato at once.

He forcefully pulled Tanjirou’s cheeks as though to cover up his own embarrassment.

“When did you wake up? Were you pretending to be asleep all along?!”

“That hurts…….I just woke up because I heard Genya’s and Sumi’s voices……Genya, you smell as though you intended to show your gratitude.”


“Gen, Genya-san, Tanjirou-san is still seriously injured….so just let him off.”

Sumi mediated the situation with a troubled expression, only then did Genya release Tanjirou.

Then he faced the girl—

“………….Thank you.”

The rough voice said in such a way.

Sumi widened her eyes in surprise then she made a noise to reply him with a smile on her face.

A faint smile also appeared on Tanjirou’s face.

Genya was so embarrassed that he buried his head under the bed covers and pretended to go to sleep……


“Ah, Aoi.”

When Sumi left the ward, Aoi just happened to walk over from another direction.

She was carrying a large pile of laundered bed linen.

“What is it? You look really happy.”

“Tanjirou-san is finally awake, I was going to get some food over to him.”

“I see, that’s great.”

Aoi’s expression lit up.

“Then I’ll change the bedding at a later time.”


“How’s Genya-san doing?”

“He took his medicine and is sleeping right now.”

Sumi finished speaking and could not help but laugh.

She thought back of how Genya was so red that even his ears changed colour before he frantically hid his head under the bed covers. Shinazugawa Genya was actually an extremely kind person and he was not as scary as she imagined him to be. Right, she might as well clear that up with Naho and Kiyo.

Aoi shot a curious look at Sumi and then casually mentioned another incident.

“Speaking of which, I saw Wind Pillar-sama this morning. What was he doing here?”

“Shinobu-sama wasn’t around during that time so I don’t know if he got angry and went back straight away. If it was really like that, then it would have been rude to Wind Pillar-sama.

“Wind Pillar-sama….”

“Right, you can only give Tanjirou-san porridge for a start. If he has no issues with that, then you can give him rice balls with sour plums. But Love Pillar-sama and Mist Pillar-sama were able to eat normally right after waking up….Sigh, they’re probably just special in that kind of way.”

Sumi looked at Aoi’s back as the latter walked off while hugging the bed linen the she immediately looked back at the door she walked out of.

Somehow she saw the image of an older brother who came to visit his unconscious younger brother who got injured in a mission….

Of course, there was no one who could prove it.

Perhaps it was just her wishful thinking.

But as long as they were still alive, they would definitely have the chance to start over again.

No matter how many times it took, they would be able to reconcile.

(Genya-san….you must buck up.)

Sumi gave that encouragement within her heart then she skipped towards the kitchen.


“That’s no good, Genya-san. You need to eat properly!”

“No….I really don’t need it.”

Ever since then, Sumi seemed especially close to Genya. Now, the girl had even sat on his blankets and was planning to feed Genya stewed vegetables causing him to be at a loss of what to do.

“You have to still eat something, Shinobu-sama said so as well, didn’t she? You need to chew thoroughly then your stomach can return to normal.”

Furthermore, even Aoi was standing guard at the side and staring at Genya finish his dishes one by one.

They were basically treating him like a baby.

Most men might probably be happy under these kinds of circumstances, however for Genya, who was still undergoing puberty, this was more exhausting than fighting a demon.

“Genya, you’re getting pretty close with everyone, that’s good.”

Seeing that Genya was feeling troubled from being crowded by girls, Tanjirou not only did not extend a timely helping hand, he even simply observed the situation in a relaxed manner.

(This bastard is too relaxed….his brain is just too strange.)

“Come on, Genya-san. Open your mouth.”

It’s alright if you eat while drinking tea.”

(Can I just get a new mission already……)

Just as Genya was earnestly looking forward to it—





“Boss Inosuke.”

“Bozz Imonosuke.”



“Wrong! It’s Inosuke!”



The wind carried a conversation over through the window.

“What is going on?”

Genya mumbled to himself. After that, Tanjirou replied with a smile.

“Ahh, you mean that. Inosuke is teaching Nezuko how to say his name.”

“Inosuke? Who’s that?”

“He’s the same batch as us. Even though he usually wears a boar head, runs around shirtless, picks fights with others for no reason at all and isn’t aware of his surroundings, he’s a good person. I think you and him would get along pretty quickly, Genya.”

“No….just hearing how you described him just now, that guy is basically a weirdo.”

Genya shot back with a befuddled expression.


“Genya-san! Eat properly, don’t get distracted. Everyone is worried about you.”

“Yeah, even if it’s just a mouthful.”

Sumi and Aoi both chided him together.

“Here, open your mouth.”


“…….Please let me off already.”

Seeing that Genya was weakly begging for mercy with his face as red as a cooked octopus, Aoi and Tanjirou laughed—Sumi laughed as well.

A certain room in the Butterfly Manor was full of heartwarming laughter.

In the end, even the edges of Genya’s mouth started to curl upwards.

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