Kimetsu No Yaiba Light Novel (Demon Slayer Light Novel) – Chapter 5 – Kimetsu Academy Tales

Kimetsu No Yaiba Light Novel (Demon Slayer Light Novel) – Chapter 5 – Kimetsu Academy Tales

The Kimetsu Academy which consisted of a middle and high school division.

This was an extremely ordinary school that was well loved by the residents of Kimetsu town.

It was not an elite school with direct admission and it was not a delinquent school either.

But there was one point which made it unusual.

For some reason, the school was full of problematic people.


“You don’t want to be part of the Morals Committee anymore?”


After confessing his most sincere thoughts to his friend behind the school during their afternoon break, Zenitsu nodded his head listlessly.

Just the uniform check he did for this problematic school in the morning had drained all his energy.

Zenitsu was treated unreasonably in various ways by a wild wolf—correction, by this youth, Hashibira Inosuke, who caused a big uproar in the media as he was raised by wild boars (His shirt was open, his feet were bare and he brought nothing but his bento), by the captain of the volleyball club, Sasamaru (Who brought a metal ball everywhere), by the strongest and hottest chick, Ume (Hated ugly people, modified her own uniform and was very sexy) and her older brother (super sis con and was ridiculously strong in fights) and so on, so his mind and body were overwhelmed.

“I had enough….I never wanted to be a prefect in the Morals Committee, it’s just that I happened to not be around when they were choosing prefects….”

Zenitsu sniffled.

“It’s too much for me to be a prefect in the Morals Committee for this school……”

“But I actually feel that Zenitsu is suitable to be a prefect.”

Tanjirou’s brows sloped downwards as he tried to cheer Zenitsu up.

“Because you’re very kind. See, even the earrings that my father left for me didn’t get confiscated thanks to Zenitsu—”

However, Zenitsu glared at his kind friend with a scornful gaze.

“Then you do it!! Become a prefect in my place!!”

“Um—….But I have to help my family shop in the morning……”

Tanjirou’s family owned a popular bakery and they have to bake a thousand pieces of bread every morning. However, he preferred rice to bread so not a lot of people know that he had an authentic Japanese breakfast every morning.

Just to go off tangent, his younger sister, Kamado Nezuko was an extremely beautiful girl and she was always biting onto a piece of French bread. Because of this, people have been secretly saying:

“If you bump into Kamado when you turn a corner then you can make the Shoujo Manga scene : “the coincidental meeting caused by bumping into a girl who was biting on bread while turning a corner” become a reality……..!”

It was unfortunate that no one had achieved that dream yet.

This was because a certain someone (one-sided) had a deep crush for her and no matter it was on the way to school or after school, he would be hiding behind a telephone pole and spying on her. As long as it was matters that had to do with Kamado Nezuko, the typically useless him was able to unleash skills that were as strong as a demon’s.

“If not, help me out and let me be able to successfully resign from this prefect position then?!”

“Can’t you just speak to Tomioka-sensei directly?”

Faced with Tanjirou’s innocent question, an expression full of disgust appeared on Zenitsu’s face.

“How can that guy agree so easily! Every time I ask to resign, he would make things difficult for me on purpose and even beat me up for “Not obediently dyeing my hair black”?! What the hell is up with him?”

Tomioka Giyuu, who was the club advisor for the Morals Committee as well as the school’s physical education teacher, always had a stony expression. In addition, he would act before he talked, so other than a small minority of people, including Tanjirou and a few others, most of the students were terrified of him.

In order to settle the problems associated with him, the PTA had arranged numerous meetings which have basically became the Parents-Tomioka Association rather than the Parents-Teacher Association.

However, he was thick skinned and was oblivious to the risk of getting fired.

There were rumors that he was actually a good person and even took in a kitten he found on a rainy day. However, there was no evidence to prove that the rumors were real so that did nothing to improve his reputation.

“However you can’t not tell Tomioka-sensei…….”

“Like, I, was, saying, how many times do I need to repeat myself!!”

Zenitsu raised his voice impatiently.

“I told him many times already, but that guy doesn’t even listen to other people!! Every time I mention this, he hits me!! Even if I just want to open my mouth, I get beaten as well! What is wrong with him?! Why can this kind of person become a teacher?! Tomi-ughhhhhhh.”


In the end, just trying to mention Tomioka’s name would make Zenitsu nauseous. It had reached the stage of being allergic to Tomioka.

Zenitsu never thought that the dark cloud in his heart would be so great and he was stupefied. Tanjirou saw the situation and seemed to understand how severe the situation was so he nodded and said:

“I understand. How about this? Zenitsu. Go talk about it when Tomioka-sensei is in a good mood. I’ll accompany you as well.”

“When he’s in a good mood? Is there even such a time?”

During salary day?

Or would it be during “Premium Friday” at the end of every month?

(T/N: A new campaign advocated by the Japanese government to promote consumer spending. At the last Friday of every month, employees can leave work at 3pm so that it’s more convenient for them to arrange for vacation or gatherings. Businesses can also contribute by having discounts.)

Or would it be on a day when he has a date? (Does that mean he has someone he likes?)

(T/N: Shinobu or Sabito? *Cough*)

No matter what, Zenitsu was unable to imagine Tomioka being in a good mood. No, it was more like he was unwilling to.

“Salmon braised with daikon.”

Just as Zenitsu was terrified to the point of shivering by the image in his head, Tanjirou spoke in a resolute manner.


“Tomioka-Sensei likes to eat salmon braised with daikon.”

“What does that mean? And why do you know this? That’s scary.”

“Actually before I even came into this school, Giyuu-san—Tomioka -sensei is a regular patron of my family’s shop.”

Therefore, Tanjirou occasionally heard his regular customers chatting. And according to a reliable news source—

“I heard that only when Tomioka-sensei eats salmon braised with daikon would he actually show a smile.”

“Gross!! What?! That person can smile?!”

Tanjirou patiently faced Zenitsu who was already shaking like a leaf and said: “Every single day, Tomioka-sensei will go to the students’ cafeteria to eat the fish speciality meal of the day. And today’s main dish is—”

“Don’t tell me—”

At this moment, Zenitsu was finally serious and he fixed his gaze on Tanjirou in a stern manner. His friend nodded his head firmly.

“It’s salmon braised with daikon.”

“! Tanjirou aaaaaaaahhhh!!!”

Zenitsu was so moved that tears were streaming down his face, his nose was running and he tightly hugged Tanjirou who had a pleased look.

“As expected of my best friend!!”

“It hurts, Zenitsu.”

“Since we’ve already decided, then let’s go to the students’ cafeteria as soon as possible!”

Zenitsu urged his friend……

When they reached the students’ cafeteria in high spirits, Tomioka was seated at a window seat by himself and before him was a tray that had the fish speciality meal of the day.

The two of them just happened to be standing diagonally behind Tomioka so that could not see his face properly. However he must have a blissful expression that was never revealed to anyone before.

Tanjirou silently nodded his head and Zenitsu also nodded in response.

Zenitsu approached Tomioka and suppressed his urge to vomit to call out his name.

“Tomioka-sensei! I have something I want to say!!”

Tomioka heard him and turned his head……”


“I do not want to be part of the Morals Comm—”

“When are you going to dye your hair black!!”

Before Zenitsu could finish his words, a blazingly swift right straight punch landed a critical hit on his cheek.

This punch did not have a shred of blissfulness from digging into salmon braised with daikon. Not only that, there was grudge emanating from Tomioka’s face.

“This kind of Morals Committee prefect won’t be able to set an example for others. Dye it black as soon as possible.”


The cold and cruel teacher finished his sentence and Zenitsu, who was unable to retort, collapsed on the spot.

(Ho, how can this……why……wasn’t he supposed to smile when he ate salmon braised with daikon……?)

Zenitsu asked himself as his mind was getting fuzzy.

Before his eyes, he could see his friend frantically running over as well as the tray that Tomioka was eating out of.

However, what was inside the patterned ceramic bowl was not salmon braised with daikon—

(It’s….it’s actually yellowtail braised with daikon………)

How could there be such a thing? After resenting his friend in his heart, Zenitsu lost consciousness……


“I’m really sorry!! Zenitsu. It’s all my fault!”

“……no……it can’t be helped.”

After school, Tanjirou headed for the infirmary to pick up Zenitsu. Seeing that Tanjirou was bowing and deeply apologetic, Zenitsu shook his head weakly while lying on the bed.

“Even if the salmon suddenly got replaced with yellowtail, it’s not your fault……if there’s anything to blame then it would be my foul luck……ah ha ha ha ha.”


Zenitsu looked out of the window with a distant gaze and his friend frowned, not able to bear the sight.

Then Tanjirou purposely put on a cheerful expression and said:

“Actually, Zenitsu, I’ve been thinking after that.”


“How about talking to other teachers other than Tomioka-sensei?”

“You mean look for teachers other than Tomi……ugh—that guy?”

Zenitsu threw up a bit and he frantically changed his way of addressing Tomioka.

“Such as?”


Tanjirou thought about it.

“Uzui-sensei from arts class?”

“No!! We definitely can’t find that Buddy-sensei!! I really hate that guy!!”

“Then let’s look for Kyogai-sensei from music class.”

“Doesn’t Kyogai-sensei become unwell once he sees you?!”


In actual fact, Tanjirou was so tone deaf that it was unimaginable but the person involved was not aware of it. So, once he heard Zenitsu say that, Tanjirou tilted his head in confusion and continued to be deep in thought. Soon after, Tanjirou’s expression lit up.

“I know! Let’s find Rengoku-sensei!”

“! Right, let’s do it!!”

Zenitsu yelled as he leapt out of the infirmary bed.

“Rengoku-sensei also has quite a character, he won’t lose to Tomi—he won’t lose to that guy! And he’s a nice person!!”

Rengoku Kyoujurou was a history teacher who was passionate about teaching and he was full of love for both history and his students. Even though he did not really listen to other people talk, he was popular with the students and was stably in the champion seat for the most loved teacher in Kimetsu Academy.

Some maniac supporters even said: “My heart is fluttering when he rolls up his shirt sleeves and reveals those toned muscular arms of his.” “I want to be sensei’s tie clip.” “I hope he will always be this amazing and young……”

As he gave off the image of being fresh and honest, it was rumoured that a lot of people tried to introduce him to potential marriage partners and he had to make a huge effort to reject them.

“But, where would Rengoku-sensei be at this time?”

“Perhaps he’s in the staff room?”

“—Rengoku-sensei is in the library.”


Suddenly a voice could be heard from the neighbouring bed and Zenitsu jumped up in fright.

Through the gap between the curtains that partitioned the beds, they could see the unhappy face of a male student.

“Ah……He, hello.” Zenitsu bowed slightly to greet him while still feeling terrified.

“Sorry, we were too noisy.” Tanjirou apologised sincerely but the male student still maintained his expression of displeasure.

“If you know that you’re noisy, then get out. I hate it the most when others are disturbing me when I’m lying in the infirmary where Tamayo-sensei is and listening carefully to the sound of Tamayo-sensei working through these partition curtains!”

The male student said with hate and forcefully pulled the curtains close.

Right after that, the curtains on the other side were pulled open and the school doctor, Tamayo-sensei, poked her head through the gap.

“—Ara, Agatsuma-kun, you’re awake. That’s good.”

“Ye, yes, thank you.”

“Even though you don’t look that awful now, don’t push yourself, please lie down for another thirty minutes.”

Tamayo showed a gentle and compassionate smile.

In a split second, from behind the curtain, there seemed to be a grudge emanating from it that seemed to say “Scram”.

“I, I’m fine already, I’m going back!”

“Thank you very much!!”

Feeling that aura which was full of killing intent, the two frantically gave their thanks and dashed out of the infirmary as though they were running away.

That had to be “The King of the Infirmary-Yushirou”.

It was said that he spent far more time in the infirmary than in the classroom and he would not forgive anyone who approached the infirmary, even those who were seriously ill.

Also, no one knew how old he was, which year and which class he was in, and it was completely unknown if he was even a student of Kimetsu Academy……


When the two reached the library, the above mentioned teacher was just about to leave.


“Ohh, what! Looking for me! Lads!”

The history teacher said while flashing a charming refreshing smile.

He was holding books with titles such as “Goal! Bento man”, “365 days Super Delicious Bento”, “Most Loved Bento for Children<3” and others that made one want to make a retort.

“…………(Say it!)”

“……………(It should be you asking right? Zenitsu.)

Zenitsu and Tanjirou were quietly pushing the responsibility onto each other.

However, Rengoku did not notice the strange expressions on both their faces. He was not a slow person, but he was not skilled at dealing with trivial things and he did not know read the mood.

Having no other choice, Tanjirou could only do the talking and he asked:

“—Um, if I didn’t remember wrongly, Sensei, you’re staying at your own home, right? May I know….if you’re married?”

“Ahh! I’m staying with my parents and younger brother! I’m not married yet! Why do you ask! Kamado-lad!”

“……Are you making your own Bento?”

“Ahh, you mean these.” Rengoku finally sensed what was going on and he grinned, showing his pearly white teeth.

“My mother has been busy with work lately.”

So I would like to prepare Bento for my younger brother in her place—that was what Rengoku said.

“Even though my skills can never match my mother’s, I would still like to cook some things that Senjurou likes to eat.”

The truth was nothing too out of this world and it made people feel warm and fuzzy after hearing it, very unlike Tomioka, who made people feel repulsed every time he opened his mouth.

“Why? Do you two want to try cooking as well? If it’s not too much trouble, you can come over to my house later!”

“No, it’s not that, we have something that we want to discuss with you, Sensei—”

Faced with such a frank invitation, Tanjirou quickly replied.

“Right? Zenitsu.”

“Ah, Ahhh—that’s right. Actually it has something to do with Tomioka-sensei……”

“Tomioka? Are you talking about my colleague Tomioka Giyuu?!”

“Yes. Actually I want to quit being a prefect of the Morals Committee, but Tomioka-sensei would not listen to me at all……”

Zenitsu spoke about the incident at the students’ cafeteria which happened earlier.


After listening to the entire story with a perplexed expression, Rengoku cheerfully expressed his opinion.

“Salmon braised with daikon doesn’t sound bad! A combination of fish and vegetables is good for the body, also it’s the right season for daikon. Its freshness is beneficial for health!! The nutritional content is extremely high too!”


“Um, about that……”

“Go to the supermarket with me and then let’s head to my house. No wait, it would be better if the daikon and salmon were purchased separately from the fruits and vegetables store and the fishmonger!!”

“Like I was saying, we don’t intend to—”

“Don’t be shy, I can lend you aprons!!”

“It’s not that.”

“Sensei, Salmon and Daikon are not suitable for putting into Bentos, right? If they don’t get partitioned properly, the white rice would become wet and sticky.”

“?! Wrong, you got it wrong too!!”

“Right, we have to cook the rice too! If you just eat the main dish, the nutrition would not be balanced!!”

“How about making mixed rice?”

(T/N: Japanese version is Suihan which literally means boiled rice. But they are most likely referring to putting all the ingredients together in the rice cooker like making yam rice.)

“That’s a good idea! Right! I’m going to go to the rice shop again!”

“I already said it’s not like that—”

“No need to hold back! A teacher carries the important mission of interacting with their students!”

“I already said, it’s just that I don’t want to be a prefect anymore!!”

Zenitsu had the tragedy of being led in circles by a history teacher who was worse at listening to others than a certain other teacher as well as his unexpectedly silly friend and just like that, he wasted his after school time……


“I did not expect….that Rengoku-sensei did not listen to me at all.”

In a store called the Aoi Family Restaurant which was near Kimetsu Academy, after ordering iced coffee and sweet food to get rid of heavy and oily tastes, Zenitsu laid his head down on the table.

He had thought that Rengoku would do everything perfectly, yet the food he cooked tasted extremely awful.

In addition, it was not as though he failed on purpose so one could not get angry teaching him. Just giving it a taste made his taste buds abnormal. At one point, Zenitsu was really mentally prepared to die.

He did not want to see salmon and radish for the time being.

“And when we’re finally done cooking, we got brought to the Kendo class run by Sensei’s father and started doing crazy drills……”

“Alright, alright, that’s not an issue at all. Anyway, Senjurou and Grand-sensei were happy as well.”

(T/N: Grand-sensei- refers to Kyoujurou’s dad.)

Tanjirou put on the appearance of a star student and comforted Zenitsu while saying that. The latter glared at his friend, full of hate.

“Back to the topic, what about my troubles?! They were not solved at all!!”

“Ah, there’s still that, right. Sorry, I forgot.”

As expected, he forgot.

“I’m going to face hell again tomorrow morning……ee……I really want to run away. I really want to run away to a world where Tomi- that guy does not exist.”

After the iced coffee and desserts were served to their table, Zenitsu was still complaining non-stop. Just as Tanjirou was consoling him, the store’s living mascot – Kanzaki Aoi and their senior – Kochou Shinobu came back together.

“Ara, Tanjirou and Zenitsu are here too.”

“Welcome. I ‘ll refill your tea. Please take a seat as well, Shinobu-senpai. Senpai, is sweetened Mochi and red beans with cream alright with you?”

“Un. Please add more brown sugar syrup.”

Aoi, who was in the second year of school, participated in the flower arrangement club while Shinobu, who was a third year student, was in both the pharmaceutical research club and fencing.

Both of them had delicate features, especially Shinobu, who was a beautiful maiden who continuously received invites from various entertainment companies. Also, aside from having a cute appearance, her results were always at the top of the school, won fencing competitions and easily earned the title of Miss Kimetsu every year.

On the other hand, however, there were strange rumours circulating around about her such as creating dangerous odourless and tasteless drugs in the pharmaceutical research club, many teachers do not even dare to raise their heads in front of her, and that Tomioka could be one of them and so on……

A very minute minority of people even gave her a nickname —Poison Princess.

Of course, Zenitsu never treated these rumours as a fact.

And there was only one reason for this.

(Such a beautiful person can’t be a bad person, right…..)

“What’s wrong? You look so troubled. If you don’t mind, do you want to talk to me about it?”

Shinobu, who was seated with them, asked in a worried manner.

An infatuated expression crossed Zenitsu’s face.

Such a gentle person would not do such terrifying things, those rumours must have been spread by someone who was jealous of her beauty and talents. There was no way he could be wrong.


Zenitsu spilled out all the frustrations within his heart without hiding anything. After Shinobu listened to his troubles seriously while showing sympathy, she said:

“I think that Tomioka-sensei probably has high hopes for you, Zenitsu.”

“High hopes……?”

An unfamiliar phrase made Zenitsu furrow his brows.

Shinobu showed a faint smile.

“Because Tomioka-sensei is that kind of person, he was always misunderstood by others or hated by students. Even though you have not been a Morals Committee prefect for long….. but Zenitsu has always been following Tomioka-sensei, right? I guess he must be quite happy about it.”

“No, I don’t really want to follow him…..”

It was just that the leash known as violence was forcing him to submit.

“There was a time before when Tomioka-sensei was mumbling to himself that “Agatsuma is doing a good job.”

“You mean….that Tomioka-sensei?”

Zenitsu looked at Shinobu in disbelief.

It was not known if it was because Shinobu was too beautiful or if the Tomioka described by Shinobu was so perfect that it was as though he was another person, Zenitsu did not feel nauseous when he said that person’s name.

(T/N: Actually Zenitsu said Tomioka’s name perfectly as well when the two were speaking to Rengoku.)

“Being a prefect of the Morals Committee is a tough job, but thanks to Zenitsu and the others of the same committee, this school can maintain such peace.”

The Academy’s goddess lovely eyes narrowed into a smiling expression and she lightly placed her hands on Zenitsu’s.

There seemed to be some indescribable fragrance coming from her body. It was something like shampoo or some sort fragrance containing product.

“Do your best, Zenitsu. I’ll always support you.”


Zenitsu tightly grasped Shinobu’s hands and he was so excited that blood was about to spray from his nose.

“Leave everything to me!”

He said as though he was making an oath.

(I’m in bliss!! I’m really in a heavenly bliss!!!)

He was feeling awesome beyond words.

At this time, Aoi came over with a refill of tea and Sweetened mochi with red beans and cream. She had an indescribable expression on her face and she glanced at Shinobu and Zenitsu before softly saying:

“…..Although it’s not very nice to say this…..But Zenitsu, you’re the thirteenth person this month who Shinobu-senpai said she’ll always support so I advise you to take her words with a pinch of salt, this is for your own good—”

Of course, her words went right over Zenitsu’s head.

“This is great, Zenitsu. You’re suited to be a prefect after all. All the best.”

Tanjirou said, smiling broadly. However, just like before, Zenitsu did not hear his words.

Aoi helplessly sighed.

(Right, just you wait!! I will achieve something!! After all, I am the man who Shinobu-senpai said she will support forever!!)

Zenitsu, who had a simple personality, passionately made a vow in his heart.



The next morning, once he saw Tomioka, who was conducting uniform checks at the school gate, Zenitsu dashed over immediately with a cheerful smile on his face.

Today, Tomioka was wearing his sports attire as usual, a whistle that he used to give orders was hung around his neck and his favourite bamboo sword was held in his hand.

“Sensei!! I made a reservation at the hair salon this Saturday!! I will dye my hair black and I’ll give my utmost effort in this duty as a Morals Committee prefect!!! From now on, I will be asking you for your strict guidance as—-”

As though he had been reborn, Zenitsu loudly declared, his eyes shining.

“You’re damn noisy!!!”


Unexpectedly, Tomioka gave him a punch that sent him flying.

“Stop screaming in the school grounds.”


(What, you’re being too unreasonable……)

Zenitsu collapsed on the spot so quickly, even his tears did not flow out.

When it came to their afternoon break—

“Tanjirou—–!!! I don’t want to be a prefect of the Morals Committee anymore!!!!! I had enough!!! Because Tomi-ughh ughh ughh.”


Agatsuma Zenitsu’s wailing reverberated non-stop.

And by the way—

“Because I helped in preventing the loss of a precious talent, please increase the number of times our club can use the gym from next month onwards, Tomioka-sensei.”

After that, someone witnessed Shinobu threatening—or should one say making a request to a teacher with an expression that would not even harm a fly. After hearing this news, Zenitsu was bedridden for three days and three nights, but that was a story for another day.

Today was another peaceful day for Kimetsu Academy for everyone (with exception of one individual).

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