Kimetsu No Yaiba Light Novel (Demon Slayer Light Novel) – Chapter 6 – Afterword

Kimetsu No Yaiba Light Novel (Demon Slayer Light Novel) – Chapter 6 – Afterword

Gotoge Koyoharu

Everyone had worked hard.

A few days ago, when I was trying on a pair of glasses, the employee said it would look more stylish if I pulled them down a bit, so I pulled the glasses down to the end of my nose, in the end, the employee showed me a wry smile and told me to stop.

I am Gotoge.

Did everyone like the novel after reading it?

This is the first time I’m drawing novel illustrations and that made the author super excited.

I hope this joyfulness helped boost your immunity and you will never get influenza anymore and to live every single day full of energy.

Yajima Aya

I love “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. I really do.

I love it so much that I don’t know what to do.

I really love it so very much.

So when I received the job to novelise it,

“Yaaaaaa—-” I was so joyful in my he

art that I squealed out loud.

(Of course, it was a grating sound.)

Gotoge-sensei, during the time when you were so busy with the weekly serialisation as well as the series becoming an anime,

you still found time to carefully check my manuscript and illustrated several illustrations that were so impactful, as well as draw a cover that could only be described as amazing.

I’m so thankful.

After knowing of Master Jigorou’s wonderful name, I felt so blessed that I had to collapse in front of my computer.

I love the world illustrated by Sensei the most.

The characters in the story did not given in to various and numerous ridiculous and unreasonable setbacks and continued to bravely move forward.

I love everyone who put in all the effort they could……!

And to Rokurou-sama and Nakamoto-sama who edited this and the other members of the editorial team who pulled me along in J-books, Jump Editor Takano-sama, proof-reader NART Kariya-sama,

And the other friends who participated in the production of this book and those who provided various forms of support

–as well as everyone who bought this book

I would like to express my gratitude here.

Let us all look forward to the anime that will air in April, and enjoy the original serialisation that has reached its climax!

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