Gō Ikeyamada wraps up the manga Isekai Maō wa Fujoshi o Zettai Nigasanai on February 5th – News

Manga about a young boy chasing his wife from a previous life launched in 2020 The third and fourth combined issues of this year of Shogakukan‘s Sho-Comi magazine revealed on Tuesday that Go Ikeyamada the end will end Isekai Maō wa Fujoshi o Zettai Nigasanai (The Demon King From Another World Will Not Allow the … Read more

Minetarō Mochizuki launches new manga, puts Frederick Manga on hiatus – News

No comic, no life manga essay released on january 20 This year’s second issue of Shogakukan‘s Great Original Comic Book magazine revealed on Tuesday that Minetarō Mochizuki launches a new test manga titled No comic, no life in the magazine’s next issue on January 20. The magazine describes the manga as the author’s first essay … Read more

Rock Lee and his ninja friends’ Kenji Taira draws new Tama King manga e! News uk

A new manga about a normal wild-souled cat launches on February 4th The February issue of Shueisha‘s Saikyô jump magazine revealed on Tuesday that Kenji taira will launch a new manga titled King Tama in the magazine’s next issue on February 4. Saikyô jump published a one-shot version of the manga (pictured right) on October … Read more

Jinmyaku Cheat by Hajimeru Hitomakase Eiyūtan Novels Get Manga by Yusaku Sakaishi – News

Manga about Adventurer with Powerful Social Connections launches January 27 The February issue of Kadokawa‘s Dengeki Daioh monthly comic magazine revealed on December 25 that Yusaku Sakaishi‘s Jinmyaku Cheat of Hajimeru Hitomakase Eiyūtan (A heroic legend where everyone does the job and starts off with a cheat on social relationships) the light novels inspire a … Read more

Battle Royale Franchise gets a new Battle Royale III: Enforcers Manga – News

The February issue of Akita Shoten‘s Young Bessatsu Champion magazine revealed on Wednesday that Koushun Takami‘s Royal battle franchise inspires a new manga titled Battle Royale III: Enforcers which will be launched in the magazine’s next issue on February 1. Takami is credited with the original work, and Yukai asada draw the manga. The numbering … Read more

Japan’s CODA and businesses from 12 other countries to form international manga and anime anti-piracy organization – News

Nikkei Asia reported on January 1 that companies and organizations from more than 13 countries are working together to form the International Anti-Piracy Organization (IAPO), which will launch in April. The Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) of Japan is at the center of the new organization. CODA understand 32 Japanese companies such as Kodansha, Shueisha, … Read more