Toonami launches new show every week ‘for the next month’ starting with Assassination Classroom Season 2 tonight E! News UK

Toonami will unveil other new shows at a later date Toonamiis official Facebook announced on Friday that the programming block will begin airing the second season of the Assassination class anime starting Sunday at 12:30 a.m. Toonami will air two episodes of the show at 12:30 am and 1:00 am Other cartoons that aired in … Read more

The E3 Game Show cancels the 2022 in-person event – News

2022 dates never announced for the event typically held in Los Angeles weeks before Anime show The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced Thursday that it had canceled this year’s E3 in-person event due to “health risks surrounding” the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Additionally, entertainment news source IGN confirmed to ESA on the same day that … Read more

Yumi Tamura’s Don’t say mystery manga live show launches Hiccorohee E! News UK

Comedian guest-stars as factory clerk Rira Tsuyuki in the series premiering Monday The team of the live-action series Yumi Tamura‘s Do not say mystery (Mystery for Iu Nakare) manga announced on Wednesday that comedian Hiccorohee will play Rira Tsuyuki in the first three episodes. The character works as a clerk in a small factory, who … Read more